The April 1 television coverage was disturbing, with dramatic aerial shots that showed a devastating fire destroying the former Rockies Inn just yards east of Interstate 25 in Denver.

But that won’t stop Denver-based GreenBox Self Storage from continuing to develop a 1,141-unit self-storage facility on the site.

“Our plans aren’t changed,” said Josh Fine, vice president and legal counsel for GreenBox Self Storage and its parent, Focus Property Group.

“We still plan to do the project. It involves cleaning up the property and demolishing it. We’re still assessing what needs to be done before we can demolish the building; it’s a top priority. We’re moving forward as quickly as we can and will break ground when we can,” Fine said.

Delays expected

When GreenBox began working on the site, officials discovered the Rockies Inn required much more asbestos abatement than anticipated, delaying any announcement of a groundbreaking date. And now, with all the needed fire cleanup, GreenBox has to reassess its schedule before announcing a groundbreaking.

The Rockies Inn site will become GreenBox’s fourth self-storage facility.

GreenBox specializes in urban infill projects, creating units meant for city-dwelling sports enthusiasts, millennials and others to store their toys – skis, snowboards, mountain bikes, for example. The company is catering to those who live in smaller residences in the inner city and need nearby storage space.

The company has worked for 10 years to establish itself as an industry player. GreenBox hopes to complete at least two other projects this year, and is considering expanding into other states as soon as 2017.

Eventually, the company would like to own 100 facilities nationwide.

Bruce Goldberg