Omaha, NE-based, an online directory of self-storage facilities, has acquired another storage directory. purchased the website and business operations of for an undisclosed price. The deal comes almost a year after digital marketing firm B2 Interactive acquired

Shared history

The two websites have a great deal of shared history.

USstoragesearch launched in 2004, and was one of the earliest online directories for self-storage facilities. B2 Interactive founders Bill Hipsher and Brandon Taylor were both executives at USstoragesearch before starting their own firm.

By 2012, both USstoragesearch and were clients of B2 Interactive.

“For many years, we worked for these two websites that shared inventory and offered similar services to the storage industry but had very little in common besides that,” said Hipsher.

Worth the wait

Hipsher stated that he and Taylor’s ultimate plan was to acquire both sites at the same time.

“Brandon and I approached the owners of both websites with an offer to acquire their businesses and websites at the same time with this day in mind from the beginning,” Hipsher said, “It just took a little bit longer to make the deal with the ownership group of USstoragesearch.”

B2 Interactive acquired last April. That website was launched by Extra Space Storage in 2011. In 2013, Extra Space struck a deal with B2 Interactive to take over management of the site. At that point B2 Interactive relocated the operations of to their home office in Omaha.

Stepping down

As for USstoragesearch , the current management team will remain in place with the exception of former president and CEO Michael Kucera.

“For the shareholders, this deal made sense for many reasons, and the timing was perfect,” Kucera said.

Kucera said over the years he has become an investor in several self-storage facilities and decided to step away because he no longer wanted to feel like he was competing with other facility owners who were clients of USstoragesearch.

Alexander Harris