What did you miss in self-storage news this week? Here is a quick recap of all the stories that might have slipped through the cracks.

MakeSpace founder launches new startup

MakeSpace founder and former CEO Sam Rosen is cooking up a new startup that seeks to eliminate usage of plastic water bottles. Rosen left the valet storage company he founded last year, leaving co-founder Rahul Gandhi as CEO.

Rosen announced in a personal blog post that he is working on a new company in Los Angeles that will launch soon with the mission to: “Eliminate the single serve plastic water bottle by using technology and media to create a movement that changes consumer behavior.”

Will that be cash, credit, or Bitcoin?

Lior Rachmany, CEO of Dumbo Moving and Storage in New York City, said his company started accepting cryptocurrency payments a few months ago in an article from CNET.

Crypto payments make up 5 percent of his sales, but Rachmany said he likes the currency because unlike credit cards, there are no charge backs. In addition, the currency has the potential to accrue value over time.

U-Haul employees get a “Trump bump”

Full-time employees of U-Haul will get $1,200 cash bonus this month, thanks to the tax bill recently signed by Donald Trump.

“The payment of this staggering bonus amount is possible because of your continued hard work and the Trump tax reduction,” said AMERCO CEO Joe Shoen in an e-mail to employees.

Part-timers will get a $500 bonus. All in all, U-Haul will spend more than $23.6 million on the bonus checks.

Storage facility’s American flag too big for some

A giant American flag flying at Storage of America on Fifth Street in Anderson, IN is causing a stir at Anderson University. According to the campus newspaper The Andersonian, students and faculty of the Christian college have lodged complaints that the flag blocks views of a landmark campus church, and others have said on windy days that the flag is “overpowering and distracting.”


Alexander Harris