For the first time since 2013, the average price of a self-storage unit in Illinois has increased above $81 according to recent data from SpareFoot. In 2017, the average price was $81.34 which was up from $79.71 in 2016, and just under the highest average so far this decade—$81.65.

Since 2010, prices increased in the Land of Lincoln except for the two years following the 2013 peak, where prices dropped down to $78 in 2015.  But rates have been slowing rising ever since. The biggest year-over-year increase occurred in 2012 – prices jumped to $80 from just $71, an increase of almost 12 percent.

Prices in Chicago have steadily been increasing as well and currently it has the most expensive storage market in the state with the average cost of a unit coming in at $81. Champaign and Joliet are the next two most expensive markets – in 2016 both were more expensive than Chicago – with the former seeing a huge increase starting in 2014, easily the biggest in the state.

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Alexander Harris