SpareFoot Named Best Online Directory 8 Years in a Row

Al Harris
August 2, 2018

Austin, TX August 1, 2018 — SpareFoot, the largest marketplace for self-storage, has been awarded Best Online Directory from Inside Self-Storage (ISS) for the 8th consecutive year. Every year, Inside Self-Storage hosts a ISS Best of Business contest for the best vendors in the industry.

“SpareFoot would like to thank all the excellent clients who’ve helped along the way.  We look forward to the next 8 years of technology growth in the industry,” said Chuck Gordon, CEO of SpareFoot.

This year, SpareFoot is sending more and more tenants to facilities on its network than ever before, with integrated facilities seeing the best results. Additionally, SpareFoot has added a record-breaking number of facilities on the network.

Self-storage operators vote in more than 35 categories. The announcement comes shortly after SpareFoot has acquired SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for self-storage operations.

SiteLink was awarded Best Management Software for the 8th year in a row by ISS. These awards reinforce the joint commitment to helping grow client’s businesses and driving innovation for the self-storage industry.

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