Philadelphia Essential Resources

Jenny Zhang
October 5, 2016
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Moving anywhere is stressful business. There’s the preparation, then there’s the actual moving, and then there’s the settling in. To make everything easier for you, we’ve assembled lists of Philadelphia essential resources that will help you navigate the city with confidence, before and during your stay.

Philadelphia City Services

City of Philadelphia website

On this website, you’ll find the basics you need to navigate local city services, such as opening hours for city buildings, public transportation, and trash collection. Through this site, you can also keep up with all the latest news of the state, and gain an overview of city records, regulations, and elected officials. All in all, it’s a good first look at the city.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website makes it easy for you to report any potholes, road maintenance issues, or wildlife challenges. There are also quick links to applying for a driver’s license or for jobs in roadwork.

Philadelphia Electricity

In some places, like Pennsylvania, there are multiple providers for electricity. It might to be a good idea to review the packages to know which will help you save the most. There are also cleaner and greener options if you’re the kind of homeowner who watches your carbon footprint.

Philadelphia Fire Department

Easily send tips or help through the fire department. Also have their number where you can reach it or your children can read it, just in case you are not all together when you need to use this site.

Philadelphia Police Department

Your Philadelphia police department keeps you constantly updated on their ongoing news. More importantly (maybe most importantly) they make it easy for you to pay parking and traffic tickets!

Philadelphia Utilities

Know the utilities offered by your municipality, such as electricity, drinking and washing water, sewage, and sanitation. It also has additional services you can take advantage of, such as garbage pick-up. Basically, it has everything you don’t want to have to worry about when moving to a new place.

Philadelphia Voter Registration

This site will help you check on your status as a voter in Philadelphia, or it will help you get registered for voting in this state. However, during election season, it may not load and you may need to phone or email directly to know your status.

Philadelphia Vehicle Registration and License

An easy-to-browse site, you can select from a wide range of services, from applying for a new license to reporting fraud. You can also schedule a driver’s exam, and find what you need for a license in quite a few languages.

Before the Move to Philadelphia

Find everything you need to know about Philadelphia housing and neighborhoods.

New Philadelphia Residents’ Origins and Destinations

You are moving to Philadelphia, so you are definitely going to meet born-and-bred Philadelphians. At the same time, your neighbors might be some of the many former out-of-state and in-state residents. Discover the range of people you might meet!

Philadelphia Population Density

How do you like your cities? Sparsely populated, suburban, or densely packed? Look at how populated Philadelphia would be in comparison to other cities, and let it help you figure out where to settle down.

Pennsylvania Health Insurance

As a resident of Philadelphia, you may want to look at getting health care coverage in the state of Pennsylvania. Very possibly, a full change in address has made you eligible for special enrollment for health insurance.

Philadelphia Healthcare Centers

Know all the city health centers that are federally qualified, which you can turn to for help and health needs. This might help while you are still getting your health insurance together after moving.

Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Read through this for the ten best Philadelphian neighborhoods to choose from! You can also look at them as places to visit once you are in this beautiful city–each one has its own history and its own unique charm.

Philadelphia Real Estate Agents

If you can’t make up your mind about where in Philadelphia to settle, or you don’t know where to start looking, it might help to have a real estate agent in your corner. It’s the agent’s job to match you with the place you want to live, so this list could be a good starting point.

Philadelphia Professional Organizers

Once you’ve decided on the neighborhood and the house, the next step is packing all your stuff up and actually moving. These recommended professional organizers can help make your move as stress-free as possible.


When in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Better Business Bureau

Look into and review businesses, file complaints, and become part of a buyer-seller community. This will help you whether you’re starting a business or just trying to feel you way in a new place.

Philadelphia Cuisine

Since you’re looking to settle in this city, find out how to eat like a local. Don’t get mistaken for the tourist crowds and learn the flavors and culinary interests of your new home.

Philadelphia Entertainment

Philadelphia entertainment never gets old, especially since they simply love live performances. You know what they say–you never see the same performance twice. Browse what you want by category or by neighborhood.

Philadelphia Groceries

Of course you’ll want to go to the best places to find affordable and healthy groceries! Scout for the best places to buy food through this list of markets.

Philadelphia History

To know what Philadelphian residents are so excited about when it comes to their nation’s history, read up on it! Not with the eye of a tourist, but with the eye of someone who will soon be walking where all that history happened. You will only enjoy the move that much more.

Philadelphia Insider Info

What you really want to do in Philadelphia is speak their language. Every state, every city has its own language of likes and dislikes and loves and hates, and Philadelphia is no exception. Remember there is no “downtown” but there is a Center City; Kelly Drive is your secret to avoiding Schuylkill traffic; and so much more. Call it tips and tricks; call it insider info.

Philadelphia Job-Hunting

The Philadelphia job-hunting scene may be competitive, but just enough to keep you on your toes. Discover various employment opportunities and openings and keep posted on the latest horizons that field has to offer.

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

Creating wide spaces for wholesome fun and recreation was a very deliberate decision by the city. Run through a list of these parks and recreation centers that are sure to give you a wide array of places to go and things to you, whether you go alone or bring your family.

Philadelphia Public Transportation (SEPTA)

SEPTA stands for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (quite the mouthful, isn’t it?) It’s a public transportation system that provides buses and trains for Philadelphians commuting community. Find your way around and keep your appointments with this system.

Philadelphia Schools

For sure, you looked at lists of schools and educational opportunities before you brought your family to Pennsylvania. Here’s a handy list to keep nearby in case you ever want to revisit your options. Choosing where your children will study is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Philadelphia Slang

This definitely falls under essential resources when it comes to living in Philadelphia. To understand what they’re saying or asking you, you need a sneak peek at modern Philadelphian slang. Don’t use it if you’re not comfortable with it–but if you’re okay with it, it’s a fun set of words to learn.

Philadelphia Shopping

Shop like a local and not like a tourist–their shops usually have a selection of clothes and food that’s trending in the city, for more affordable prices. You’ll enjoy it even when it becomes your everyday.

Philadelphia Teams

We are sure you never want to find yourself in an arena full of screaming fans, accidentally screaming the opponent’s name. Learn your new state’s team names, pay attention when they are brought up in conversation, and do some reading on the side. You have quite a bit to catch up on!

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