5 Reasons You Might Think Twice About Moving to Milwaukee

Kaitlyn Herzog
January 11, 2018
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You might have a lot of people telling you why you should reconsider moving to Milwaukee. I feel like they may just tell you that so you don’t leave. However, like most big cities, Milwaukee has its issues that should be brought to light.

1. Segregation.

Milwaukee has gotten a lot of news of late regarding a very obvious problem if you call Milwaukee home. Sadly, we are the No. 1 segregated city in the country. There is no subtle way to put it.

“The combination of income gaps by race and residential segregation means a stark difference in the nature of black, white, and Hispanic census” in the metropolitan area, Brookings states in their piece on Milwaukee, Segregation and the echo of welfare reform. “It is clear that creating jobs and incentives is not enough.”

While the city has been trying to bridge gaps in neighborhoods with community outreach programs and better jobs, an issue still lies within neighborhoods.

2. Violence and Crime.

It’s hard to write about the stuff some wouldn’t like to acknowledge, but it is something to consider if you are moving to Milwaukee – violence and crime is prevalent. Trulia’s Heat Map of Crime is fairly accurate where you may likely see such things. Like most cities, it’s centralized in a few locations and not everywhere, but there are ways to prevent being a target of such instances.

Don’t leave anything of value out in the open in your car, be vigilant of who you’re around when you’re walking alone and avoid poorly lit areas at night. It shouldn’t be a deterrent if you’re considering a move, but must be noted.

3. Winter is brutal.

While this may seem trivial, winters in the Midwest are not to be taken lightly. With the majority of the country receiving snow, winters along Lake Michigan tend to pack a heavy punch. There isn’t a definite start and end date for this season, which leaves you on your toes. One day it’s 63º and the next it’s 23º with a stiff wind out of the north, that’s a good indicator of the start of the season.

The snow removal system could use work in the downtown neighborhoods. Sometimes questioning how cars can go weeks without being towed to properly plow. A never-ending question and concern, year-after-year, as mounds of snow and ice line the streets. With good reason, is why most Milwaukeeans tend to hibernate in these 4 to 5 months.

4. Roadwork and construction never end.

There’s a saying that Milwaukee (and all of Wisconsin, really) has two seasons: Winter and Construction Season. They’re not wrong. Orange barrels line nearly every street from the moment the ground thaws until the first major snowfall. Repairing potholes, rebuilding entire freeway systems, installing the new streetcar, the brand new arena and high-rises popping up in downtown: you’re bound to see those universal symbols of improvement shrouded in road delays.  It’s inevitable.

5. Dating is tough.

Milwaukee has been affectionately dubbed “Smallwaukee.” So there is good reason our friendly nature and overall smaller population than most “big” cities, makes it fairly easy to meet everyone in the dating pool over the course of a few years. That said, with a rather equal ratio of men to women, you have solid odds at finding “the one.”

Dating has become a caricature of itself over the years. From swiping left until your thumb bleeds, or becoming a regular at your favorite coffee shop, you will see the city’s most eligible in due time. Everyone will tell you to go out more, only see the same people you decided–at home on the couch on your phone–didn’t really tickle your fancy. It’s not the easiest here in 2017.

Every city has its troubles. I encourage anyone to give Milwaukee a solid college try. It’s the “biggest little city” in the world that offers up wonderful possibilities and an opportunity to find yourself in a community that is engaged and caring at its core.

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