All of the Different Types of Houses You Will Find in Raleigh

Ryan Fitzgerald
August 22, 2018
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There are many different types of homes in Raleigh, North Carolina and below you will find a large selection of the variety you can choose from. With the growth that Raleigh is experiencing there are all sorts of new types of homes being constructed to appeal to the folks relocating from other areas. You can view all of the different types of architecture by checking out homes actively for sale in Raleigh and their price ranges. In this article, we will be going in depth to discuss the types of homes you will find in Raleigh.


Traditional style homes are among the most common types of architecture in the Raleigh area as they are often the most popular among buyers. The traditional style home offers a combination of classic designs with each home offering unique elements that may not be specific to any one style of architecture.

The reason traditional style homes are so popular is because they offer a more modern look while accompanying their look with a usable floor plan that is in line with what people want, today.


One of the most popular types of homes in Raleigh are the bungalows from all different decades. Whether you’re looking in locations around Cameron Village, NC State University area or Downtown Raleigh you’ll have a large selection of these one story, front porch, ranches to choose from!

A lot of the older bungalows are currently being renovated into more modern bungalows. Most of the renovations are taking place in the Downtown Raleigh area mainly east of Downtown and in the South Park area.

The charm these bungalows bring to the City of Oaks is unmistakable.


While luxury homes in Raleigh are deemed as anything above 650k, the ones with the space and the large lots can be found in the North Raleigh area. When you fly into Raleigh-Durham International Airport you often can look down and see massive homes, with large lots, privacy, and pools. While these homes aren’t in the flight path you’re still able to see them in your view.

Some of our favorite homes in Raleigh can be found in these North Raleigh pockets closer towards the Falls Lake area.


The brownstone townhomes are fairly new to Raleigh and their popularity is likely to bring more. It started with the Hargett Place Townhomes and their design and fast-paced sales have proven a a new market in Raleigh. You’ll now see new townhomes and row-houses with more modern designs going up all over Downtown Raleigh and the NC State area, including an Italian-inspired Style of townhomes just off of Glenwood known as the Saint.


All sorts of modern homes are being built, especially in a hot market like the one we have here in 2018. These new homes typically start with an inspiration whether that inspiration is as small as harnessing ‘an open floor plan’ or as complicated as building ‘European-style’ homes that import all products straight from Europe. If you drive around Downtown Raleigh you won’t have trouble finding new modern houses being built.


North Carolina Executive Mansion in Raleigh, built 1883 Queen Anne style architecture.

The historical homes in Raleigh can be found in the Oakwood neighborhood and all around the Downtown area. From the Governor’s mansion to the Dodd-Hinsdale House.

The Governor’s mansion was constructed from 1883 to 1891 using prison labor. Today, the Executive Mansion remains one of the finest examples of the Queen Anne style of Victorian architecture.

The Dodd-Hinsdale House was built in 1879 and was the former residence of the Mayor of Raleigh. The building was constructed using Italian-style architecture and columns with some Second Empire establishments. The home would be converted into what is known as Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern.


Victorians are some of the most popular types of architecture in downtown Raleigh’s historic district. The Oakwood neighborhood is lined with older homes and Victorians, that along with some hundred year old Oak trees give the neighborhood a beautiful character.

Each year the city of Raleigh has a Candlelight tour in December allowing residents to view the interior of the historic Victorian homes in Raleigh.

Condos/Townhomes (Attached Living Spaces)

Space in Raleigh is plentiful. In the more densely populated and desirable areas of Downtown Raleigh, NC State, North Hills, Brier Creek and close by, you will find that there are far more townhomes and condos going up. These townhomes comes with the obvious pros of having more affordable listing prices and less maintenance while having higher HOA fees and typically a lack of a backyard and less privacy.

The condos and townhomes range from the low 100s to upwards of a million depending on location, condition and square footage. The Hargett Place Townhomes that we mentioned earlier in the article have roof decks overlooking the city of Raleigh skyline and are selling for over a million while condos and townhomes near NC state are selling for under the 150k mark.

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