The 5 Most Iconic Outdoor Spots in Portland, Oregon

November 7, 2018
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The City of Roses is known for its amazing views of the Willamette Valley as well as the Cascade Mountains that rise above the region. Despite its high annual rainfall, Portlanders spend much time outdoors to soak up as much of that lush beauty that they can find.

Look forward to exploring these five iconic outdoor spots when you move to Portland.

Pioneer Courthouse Square

Located in the heart of downtown Portland, Pioneer Courthouse Square has been a gathering place for residents and tourists alike since 1984. There is always something going on at the square from events to street performers and musicians.

You’ll find plenty of local restaurants and boutiques to keep you busy as well. Many public transportation options make it easy to access Pioneer Courthouse Square. With over 10 million people visiting the square annually, making this a great spot to people watch and take in all of the unique qualities of Portland.

Oaks Park

Almost everyone who has lived in the Portland area knows about the iconic Oaks Park. This home-grown amusement park is nestled in the historic Sellwood neighborhood located in Southeast Portland and opened in 1905. During the summer, the park is open daily and features small amusement rides and attractions that bring out the kid in everyone. The indoor roller skating rink is open year-round.

Oregon Zoo

 Located on the West side of Portland, the Oregon Zoo sits on 64 acres of land and features many unique and exciting exhibits. Over 2 million people visit the zoo annually making this a favorite outdoor spot for both residents and tourists alike. One of the most popular shows at the zoo includes the penguins and polar bears as well as the elephants. The sea otters are always fun to watch as well.

The Oregon Zoo features many programs and educational opportunities throughout the year and is a sweet spot to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Consider visiting the zoo after a rainstorm for fewer crowds and cold weather that is not too hot.

The Grotto

 This national Catholic shrine features beautiful outdoor gardens and is a quiet place of peace. Many native plants line the walkways from the parking lot leading to the Grotto, such as rhododendrons and fir trees. More than 300,000 people visit the Grotto every year with Christmastime being an especially important and festive season.

The Grotto sits on 62 acres located on a hill overlooking Northeast Portland. There are two sections of the Grotto including the more popular lower level that features the chapel, gift shop, conference and visitor center. An elevator takes visitors to the upper level of The Grotto which features manicured gardens and views of the Columbia River Valley. The top level is also home to the Monastery on site.

Portland Farmers Market 

Every Saturday morning you’ll find over 140 vendors fill the stalls at the Portland Farmers Market located on the campus of Portland State University. Farmers showcase freshly grown produce while artisans feature their unique crafts. There are chef demonstrations and fun music to inspire you as well. The Portland area is known for its care of the environment and natural resources so you’ll find plenty of vendors selling organic and certified natural products.

The Portland Farmers Market is a great way to try new dishes and support the local growers and artisans that call the Portland area home.

There are plenty of beautiful outdoor spots in Portland, and many have historical significance to the rich history of the area. Check out these five iconic outdoor spots in Portland, Oregon when you move to the City of Roses.



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