Baltimore Essential Resources

December 3, 2018
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Relocating to a new place can be stressful. There is research and preparation to be done, and that doesn’t even account for the actual moving. Even with all that, the biggest challenge remains: getting settled and making your new city feel like home. To make it a little easier, we’ve created a list of all the essential resources you’ll need to make Baltimore feel like home.

Baltimore City Services

City of Baltimore website

On this website, you’ll find the basics you need to navigate local city services. It’s got an easy to navigate “How Do I?” section that helps answer questions about trash removal, social and civic services, government services, and more. Through this site, you can also make payments for various city services and keep up with the latest news. If you’ve been thinking, “Where do I even start,” this is a good option.

Baltimore Department of Transportation

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation website makes it easy for you to keep up with roadwork locations, monitor traffic advisories, and even report any potholes or request sidewalk repairs.

Baltimore Electricity

In some places, like Baltimore, there are multiple electricity providers. It’s a good idea to review packages to see which would be best for you – and your wallet. In many cases, there are cleaner options if you want to watch your carbon footprint.

Baltimore City Fire Department

From this site, you can easily request a smoke alarm and see locations for the 38 fire stations across the city. You can also learn more about their public education and community outreach programs.

Baltimore Police Department

From the Baltimore Police website, you can file a police report or complaint, keep up with the Wanted List, and get the latest news. It’s also easy to pay for citations and tickets right from the website.

Baltimore Voter Registration

This site allows you to register to vote, request an absentee ballot, or update your registration as needed if your name or address has changed.

Baltimore Vehicle Registration and License

This site has all the information you need to register a vehicle, get a license, or find the information you need on emissions. This is a statewide site, so you’ll have to search for Baltimore to get location specific information, like hours of operation, for centers.

Before the Move to Baltimore

Get important information on Baltimore housing and neighborhoods.

Baltimore Neighborhoods

Baltimore is a big city with unique neighborhoods. This map makes it easy to click on a neighborhood area or name to learn specific details about each.

Baltimore Real Estate Agents

If you can’t make up your mind about where to live or even where to start looking, a real estate agent that knows the area can help make your life easier. The agent can take your wish list and help match it to your new house.

Baltimore Schools

Here you’ll find a school list and information on how to register and enroll your kids. You’ll also find resources for adults and children, plus keep up with the latest news. This is key information because after all, choosing where your children will study is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Baltimore Healthcare Centers

Know all the city health centers that are federally qualified, which you can turn to for help and health needs. This might help while you are still getting your health insurance together after moving.

Baltimore Medicare Plans and Health Insurance

As a resident of Baltimore, you may want to look at getting health care coverage in your new home. A full change in address has possibly made you eligible for a special enrollment period.

When in Baltimore

Baltimore Better Business Bureau

A new city means you’ll be spending your hard-earned money at new businesses. Use this website to look into and read reviews on companies to ensure they are reputable. You can also file complaints and become part of a buyer-seller community.

Baltimore Cuisine

From crab fluffs to pit beef, it’s important to learn to eat like a local.

Baltimore Entertainment

Enjoy a good play? Love live music? Baltimore has it all, with theaters, music venues, and more. Browse the many entertainment options and attractions that Baltimore has to offer.

Baltimore Groceries

What makes a house feel like a home more than a good, home cooked meal? You’ll obviously need groceries, so check out this list of grocery stores in Baltimore. You can sort by your district to find options close to you.

Baltimore History

You may be surprised to find out that Baltimore has just as much history as nearby cities like Philadelphia. Read up on its history to help you appreciate your new city even more.

Baltimore Insider Info

Every city has its own set of quirks – likes and dislikes and loves and hates. Baltimore is no different. Learning these things can save you from awkward moments in your new city, like making one too many references to “The Wire” around locals or feeling disrespected when someone calls you “Hon.”

Baltimore Job-Hunting

The Baltimore job-hunting scene is competitive, but there are tons of opportunities. Websites like make it easy to choose your location and discover various employment opportunities and openings.

Baltimore Parks and Recreation

Parks, pools, events and more – that’s what Baltimore City Parks and Recreation has to offer. Check out the events to get involved in your new community or locate parks where you and your family can spend a day. With 4,000 acres of parkland, public space, and trails, the options are endless.

Baltimore Public Transportation (MTA)

Maryland Transit Administration runs the subways and busses throughout the city of Baltimore.  The website makes it easy to plan a trip from Point A to Point B (say, your new house to your new job) via public transit. You can also check transit locations and routes and see if there are any delays to the schedule.

Baltimore Slang

Do you know Baltimorese (the word given to the dialect that originated in South and Southeast Baltimore) or how to say “Baltimore” like a resident? Check out this list of words and phrases to help you get caught up on the most important local slang.

Baltimore Shopping

With a mix of malls, public markets, and boutiques, there is no shortage of shopping options in Baltimore. Whether you’re looking for upscale options or antiques, these retailers have you covered.

Baltimore Sports

Baltimore is home to the Baltimore Ravens in the National Football League and Major League Baseball’s Baltimore Orioles – plus their passionate fans. Buy some purple and gold to look the part at a football game, or spend a day enjoying America’s pastime at Camden Yards. If sitting outside isn’t your thing, Baltimore is home to arena football and soccer teams as well.


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