20 Things You Need to Know Before You Move to El Paso

Tanya Torres
November 28, 2017
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Living in a border city means we have the best of both worlds in terms of music, art, food and culture. If you’re planning on moving to the Sun City then you’ll be thrilled to know that we have less traffic than other cities and we don’t have to worry about severe storms as often as other places.

The city is extremely welcoming to outsiders and the perfect place to raise a family due to the welcoming atmosphere, culture and safe environment.

Here are 20 insights into El Paso to prepare you for your move:

1. El Paso is known as the Sun City.

In El Paso you will find a whole lot of desert and a lot of sunny, warm weather all year round. Although you won’t have to stock up on winter clothes, you will come to realize that our desert oasis can have bipolar weather. It can be a clear sunny day and in a matter of seconds the weather will become crazy and then return to normal. Despite those bizarre weather moments, you will be relieved to stay in this sunny city when you don’t have to deal with humidity on a daily basis like other cities.

2. We are family-oriented.

Having a strong foundation in family is a crucial part of the Mexican culture and this bond is apparent in the residents here. Once you move to this city you will see how residents here are extremely family oriented. On any given day, you can find an entire family crammed into a small vehicle, shopping together or even at a doctor’s appointment together.

3. We make the best Tex-Mex cuisine.

You may have thought your city’s take on Mexican food was amazing but El Paso’s cuisine is notorious for being delicious and it’s the real thing. When you combine authentic Mexican food and Texas food you get the best combination of Tex-Mex cooking in all of Texas. Some places to visit are: Chuco Burger, Ruli’s International Kitchen, Tacoholics, Little Shack and Panda Burger.

4. Chuco Ska is a thing here.

In El Paso, you will find all bands, artists and groups jamming out to every type of music. However, there is one genre that began in the Sun City and that is Chuco Ska. Chuco Ska was coined by a local band called Fixed Idea who used the Latino flavor from El Paso and ska music together to create this particular sound.

5. Chico’s Tacos are one-of-a-kind.

Once you move here you will be asked an exhausting amount of questions about Chico’s Tacos. That’s because the fast food restaurant has a huge following because of their rolled tacos, tomato sauce and cheese. While other places have attempted to replicate the recipe, no one has succeeded just yet.

6. Talent is everywhere.

Although El Paso has had numerous people make it big, the city has not been on the world’s radar until recently. Two of the city’s superstars (Aaron Jones and Khalid Robinson) have shined a light on the Sun City by continuing to propel the city on the map with their support. Jones is a former all-star football player from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) turned pro for the Green Bay Packers and the hip-hop artist Khalid Robinson who is a former student of Americas High School who became famous as a result of his song Location. Before Jones and Robinson made it big, El Paso has had Jim Ward, Tom Moore, Gene Roddenbury, Sandra Day O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Frank Castillo, Aaron Sanchez and many more.

7. Tricky Falls Theater brings in the big acts.

Before Tricky Falls opened its doors in 2011, El Paso was a sleep-destination for touring bands and artists. Jim Ward took a risk and bought the location before the street had any lights. As a result, El Paso has had artists like Snoop Dog, Atmosphere, Ballyhoo!, Rebelution, Passafire play at the venue. If you’re looking for a place that plays great tunes then Tricky Falls is the location for you.

8. Plaza Theatre is a local gem.

The theatre has been around since 1921 and still continues to be popular with its intricate architecture and the events that are offered there. The public can go watch movies, Broadway productions, conferences, concerts and even have a wedding or reception at the theatre.

9. We are a rock climbing paradise.

If you’re an avid rock climber then you head down to Hueco Tanks, McKelligon Canyon or Franklin Mountains. Hueco Tanks is the location where climbers around the world venture to. If the weather is preventing you from enjoying your climb then the Cave Climbing Gym will be a perfect replacement for you.

10. Root for the Rhinos.

Before the El Paso Rhinos dominated the ice rink, El Paso had the El Paso Buzzards. After the Buzzards ceased to exist in 2003, Cory Herman, a former Buzzards professional hockey player decided to create a new hockey team called the El Paso Rhinos in 2006. The team began their season as a Junior B team and won their first regular season.

11. And the Chihuahuas.

The minor league baseball team in the Pacific Coast League (PCL) was originally from Tucson, Arizona and was known as the Tucson Padres. The team’s name was chosen in a name-the-team contest where citizens had the opportunity to contribute their name ideas and they chose El Paso Chihuahuas as a reference to Chihuahua Mexico.

12. Take Wyler Aerial Tramway for breathtaking views.

Located at the east side of the Franklin Mountains State Park and at an elevation of 4,692 feet, the tramway was originally built in 1959 for KTSM Radio. Originally, Karl O. Wyler directed the construction project and this is where he fell in love with the views of Ranger Peak and wanted to share it with the public. As a result, he left a donation for to be used toward that dream.

13. The city is coming up roses.

Surprisingly enough, our desert city does have some places where flowers and grass do grow. One in particular is the Municipal Rose Garden which has over 200 types of roses. The garden offers classes on how to grow and take care of roses, pruning demonstrations, shows, yearly seminars and you can even have a small wedding held at the location.

14. Feeling lost? Look for the El Paso Star.

When you are driving around the city you might notice an enormous star on the side of the Franklin Mountains. The Star was built in 1940 by the El Paso Electric Company. When it was first built, the Star was so flimsy that most of the bulbs blew out due to a storm. The company has since fixed that and the star is still currently around.

15. Viva! El Paso will keep you entertained.

Are you looking for some fun summertime events? The Viva! El Paso performances are one of the best events in El Paso and are held at the McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater. The musicals celebrate El Paso’s cultural history through songs, dance, drama and narration. The plays have been running for four decades and continues to be a success.

16. Life on the border is not what you expect.

Living in a border city does not mean there is a high amount of violence. For the past decade, El Paso has been ranked as one of the safest cities in the United States. Despite having the same population as Austin, the city has a small town charm to it. Another bonus is not dealing with two or more hours of traffic trying to get from one side to the other.

17. El Paso Downtown Artist & Farmers Market has you covered.

The market is offered year-round and features regionally grown agricultural products, entertainment from local artists, crafts, food vending and art. It also allows children to take part of the activities by providing a table for arts and crafts so the whole family can have fun.

18. Yes, you can go ice skating.

Although El Paso does not necessarily get cold enough for snow, the city does offer places for ice skating like at the Fountains of Farah, El Paso County Coliseum and the newest ice rink located downtown. These ice rinks are open until January and are the perfect place for a date or a family night out.

19. Get your culture fix at the Chamizal National Memorial

If you’re feeling the urge to learn more about El Paso’s culture and history then the Chamizal is the go to place for you. The Chamizal cultural center has a theater, museum, amphitheater and art galleries and has the history of the U.S.-Mexico Border located at the visitor center. The park also has events like music under the stars event and a firework show for the the fourth of July.

20. Make it your mission to explore local history.

The three of the oldest missions in the United States are located here in El Paso; the Ysleta Mission, Socorro Mission and the San Elizario Mission. The missions serve as symbols of the Native American and Mexican heritages and function as the social and religious centers of these communities.

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