The 5 Best Neighborhoods in Oklahoma City

Nazerene Harris
February 7, 2018
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Home to a cultural, economic and industrial renaissance, Oklahoma City and its diverse neighborhoods are witnessing rapid migration and population growth.

Whether you are a single millennial striving for financial stability, a family looking for a community where traditional values ring true or a recent retiree who is attracted to the city’s low cost of living, you’re more likely than not to find a place in OKC to call home.

Here are five neighborhoods in the city that have big time allure:

1. Nichols Hills

You’ll fit right in if you:

  • Are ready to retire and have more than a pretty penny to do so in style
  • Enjoy the finer things in life and don’t mind spending extra to get them
  • Like to get to know your neighbor but also like your privacy

If there is a part of Oklahoma City that is known for sophistication and luxury, it’s Nichols Hills. With the average home valuing around a half a million dollars, this city within a city is known for its strict maintenance rules, exclusivity and truly stunning curbside appeal.

Established by real estate mogul, G.A. Nichols in 1929, Nichols Hills has a rich history of both contributing to Oklahoma City while also aiming for independence. While somewhat smaller than the average Oklahoma City neighborhood, Nichols Hills has its own police and fire departments.

The neighborhood that spans over 1,280 acres, includes trendy high dollar boutiques, cozy coffee shops, local grocery stores and state-of-the-art fitness centers. Nichols Hills is home to almost 4,000 residents. While those who buy homes in Nichols Hills often stay in the community, a number of homes do enter the market each year. Currently about sixty homes are up for grabs.

Main Neighborhood Attraction: Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club

2. The Paseo

You’ll fit right in if you:

  • Own or work in a studio of any kind
  • Enjoy learning about new things in every genre from food and hairstyles to music and religion
  • Prefer the unique and despise the thought of owning a home that looks just like the neighbors

If you’ve lived in Oklahoma City for the past decade chances are you know someone who lives in the Paseo Arts District and chances are that person migrated from either a small town in Oklahoma or from across state lines.

The residents of the Paseo are much like the neighborhood they inhabit: artsy, hipster, young and a bit quirky. Designed after a Spanish village, the Paseo Arts District offers visitors and residents alike a change of scenery from Oklahoma’s wide open spaces. Like the city that surrounds it, the Paseo Arts District is experiencing revitalization and as such has become a haven for cultural change. No two homes in this unique neighborhood are ever alike.

Houses here are often priced below the national average making the neighborhood appealing to young singles. Attractions include the Old Trinity of Paseo, the oldest church in Oklahoma, fine and casual dining and naturally, a fair share of art studios.

Main Neighborhood Attraction: The annual Memorial Day weekend Paseo Arts Festival

3. Deep Deuce

You’ll fit right in if you:

  • Own an iron, lint roller, business suit and a Keurig and use them often
  • Are on a fixed budget but have goals for financial growth and job stability
  • Aren’t focused so much on knowing your neighborhood as much as you are on knowing yourself

From the 1920s until the 1940s Deep Deuce, an Oklahoma City neighborhood bordering the downtown area, was one of the largest African American communities in Oklahoma and was the place to be if you wanted to experience jazz music at its finest.

Expansion and construction projects for Oklahoma City and major highways surrounding the metroplex left the Deep Deuce community scattered by the 1960s and the neighborhoods proximity to downtown made it a destination for upwardly mobile business professionals.

Most Deep Deuce residents live in low rise apartment buildings and condos. The current cultural renaissance of Oklahoma City is giving way to a revival and celebration of historic communities like Deep Deuce, making this the perfect place to enjoy both work and play.

Main Neighborhood Attraction: The annual OKC Jazz Fest

4. Deer Creek

You’ll fit right in if you:

  • Like beginnings and the notion of being a part of a growing communities early years
  • Have children and pride yourself on striving to offer them the very best education available
  • Delight in the thought of a dining room window view that includes prairies of canola or wheat for as far as the eye can see

Nestled northwest of downtown Oklahoma City lies the neighborhood of  Deer Creek. Founded in 1921 as a new school district, the neighborhood has since blossomed into a community of thriving businesses, exemplary schools and quant homes. Deer Creek community prides itself on offering its children a superb education. The eight schools in the district include five elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. A total of about four-thousand students attend Deer Creek Public Schools and each year the district takes home national awards for high academic performance.

Main neighborhood attraction: Deer Creek Public Schools

5. Lakeshore Estates I and II

You’ll fit right in if you:

  • Long for big city quality without big city congestion
  • Prefer including elements of nature into your day to day life
  • Exercise often but would choose a stroll on a walking path over a half an hour on the treadmill

Do you dream of long walks on the beach, driving along rows of golden wheat fields at sunset and fine dining every weekend? If so, Oklahoma City’s Lakeshore Estates might be your ideal destination.

While Oklahoma isn’t home to an actual beach, residents of the small community in north Oklahoma City could probably use a reminder. The neighborhoods 400 homes boarder Lake Hefner and are walking distance from a light house, tranquil walking, running and biking paths and some of the city’s best restaurants.

The average age of residents here is around 50 making this the perfect retirement community for new empty nesters who want to remain active while enjoying a good view. Homes in this neighborhood don’t enter the market often but when they do they don’t stay on it for too long.

Main neighborhood attraction: Lake Hefner


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