The Different Types of Houses You Will Find When Moving to Charlotte

Ryan Fitzgerald
September 5, 2018
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With so many different types of homes in Charlotte, North Carolina it can be difficult to decide which is the right one for you. Each neighborhood in Charlotte offers something uniquely different from the other. New construction is plentiful in the area and fueled by Charlotte’s current growth rate of 109 new people per day.

In this article we are going to dive in and give you an insider’s look to all the different types of architecture and inspiration that makes up Charlotte’s real estate scene!


There are a lot of new homes being built in Charlotte, thanks in large part to a strong economy, local growth and a strong demand from consumers. New construction is among the most popular types of homes for consumers and most are being built with a traditional theme. Depending on the location you may find that most new homes have much smaller lots than some of the more mature neighborhoods and homes. Some folks like the newer construction and the low maintenance living, which leads us to our next type of home, high-rise condos.

High Rise Condos

Location, location, location. For those of you who enjoy downtown living with some serious walkability, you will likely find yourself looking at some of the high-rise condominiums. The downtown Charlotte high-rise condos are the true definition of live, work and play. You can walk to work, a sporting event, nightlife, restaurants, theatre performances and more. Even if condos aren’t your thing, it’s always fun to check out the views and the interior of those penthouses!


A lot of folks who want a combination of value, location, and low maintenance (without the neighbors upstairs above you) lean towards townhomes. The pros of townhomes is often that it is more affordable and less maintenance than a detached home with a yard. Two of the largest cost for builders is the concrete and the roof, attached living allows them to lower their build costs and pass those savings on to you!

The largest cons of a townhome are the HOA fees and the neighbors. If you are ok to pay HOA fees so that the home maintenance is taken care of for you and don’t mind living in close proximity to neighbors, a townhome is likely a great fit! Keep in mind not all HOAs are the same in Charlotte.


One of the more popular architectural types in Charlotte are both historic and brand new bungalows! These homes offer a ton of character and help shape the cities personality, especially driving around Uptown.


The most popular home type in Charlotte is the traditional home with a lot of modern upgrades on the interior. These traditional homes are built with the family in mind. Their charm is in how they are designed with today’s home buyer in mind. You’ll find far less ‘dining rooms’ and far more open spaces like kitchen that lead directly into a living room with a spot for dining in between the two rooms. This type of floor plan is immensely popular among buyers today.

Lake Homes

Charlotte has a lot of lake homes for those of you who enjoy the waterfront view and spending time out on the lake when the weather permits. A lot of folks make a lakefront home their top priority when it comes to purchasing a home in the Charlotte area.

Whether you’re looking north of Charlotte at the ever popular, Lake Norman or west towards South Carolina’s Lake Wylie there are many lakefront options!

You can find a list of all the access points for the Charlotte area lakes here.

Historic, Victorians and Mansions

Charlotte’s downtown offers an extremely diverse architecture with high-rise condos, townhomes, bungalows, traditional homes, apartments and more.

Nothing is as distinguishable or offers as much character and charm as the remaining historic victorians and mansions that have become landmarks for Charlotte’s history. Some notable historic homes have turned into creative dining establishments. For example, one of Charlotte’s top restaurants lives in a 1913 Craftsman bungalow known as The Fig Tree Restaurant.

When you’re driving through Charlotte you will see all types of homes, none will make as lasting an impression as the Victorians and Mansions that are scattered throughout Downtown!

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