Top Home Improvement Projects in Birmingham, AL

From its thrilling college football rivalries to its underground music scene and even a booming craft beer industry that is quickly on the rise, the city of Birmingham, Alabama has so much to offer homeowners. Luckily for them, this locale is also a cost-effective place to call home.

According to a recent study done by Forbes and Kiplinger, Birmingham is the most affordable metro area and fifth most affordable city for renters. In fact, the predicted job growth is about 31.28%, making it a great time to get it on the action.

With living costs so low, it’s safe to say that home improvement projects are at an all-time high. If you’re a current or potential homeowner looking for information and inspiration on home remodeling and upgrades, you’re in luck. Check out this guide to the top home improvement projects that Birmingham locals are doing right now.

Interior home remodeling

Let’s be honest. Football here is kind of big deal. The age-old showdown between University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers is nothing to sniff at—especially when it comes to the Iron Bowl. So with fans this loyal, you can be sure that any contractor with experience in interior home remodeling will have a job in the fall.

As a contractor, helping a homeowner maximize their living room space or den or installing TV and high-quality surround sound systems won’t just keep you employed—it might even earn you a front row seat to the game.

Keeping it outside

In Birmingham, it’s rare to see the temperature dip below 50°F. On average, this Southern city gets 213 sunny days per year, which makes for a comfortable year-round climate. Surrounded by the beautiful natural landscapes of Bankhead and Talladega National Forests, the views in Birmingham feature mountains, lakes and rivers that invite you out of doors.

Homeowners and renters alike frequently spend their time outside, which makes landscaping and other outdoor home improvement projects a lucrative business to get in on. For industry professionals who have expertise in these areas, plus, pool installation, deck maintenance and repairs, you are sure to find work.

Going solar

It goes without saying that in a city this sunny, solar panel installation in Birmingham is quickly on the rise and the Birmingham startup, Vulcan Solar Power is leading the charge. In 2008 they partnered with the University of Alabama Birmingham to begin installing the university’s solar panels that would power the facility’s electric cars. Most recently, they installed 100 solar panels on top of UAB’s Campus Recreation Center and that’s only the beginning.

“Our mission is to provide Alabamians with reliable and affordable solar energy,” said founder and Birmingham local, Rob Ozols, “while also helping Alabama join in on the explosive job growth that is taking place in the solar industry across the country.”

Design on the mind

From Southern Living to Coastal Living, Country Living and even Cooking Light and of course, Cooking with Paula Deen, these major publications are all published right in Birmingham. This means that the city is packed with design-minded style mavens who know a thing or two about how to make any space — newly remodeled or not — look good.

If any of these particular skill sets are in your wheelhouse you’re sure to be in the right place. Whether you are an architect, interior designer, realtor or a contractor rest assured that you are certain to find homeowners looking for custom work and a professional with an eye for design. Plus, with Birmingham being a historical city, there are plenty of old homes in need of TLC and frequent repairs or updates.

Katherine Oakes