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Charlotte At-A-Glance

Thinking about moving to Charlotte? Get ready for the charm of the South meshed with the beat of a city that’s on the move!

While you might know Charlotte for its skyscraping Bank of America tower or the revving engines of NASCAR, there’s more to the Queen City than just banks and racetracks. Its neighborhoods are buzzing with energy and, whether it’s a friendly chat at a local café or the excitement of a downtown event, Charlotte has a way of making everyone feel at home.

The appeal of Charlotte is not just anecdotal. Landing the 8th spot on the U.S. News & World Report’s 2023-2024 list of Best Places to Live and recognized as a 2023 All-America City by the National Civic League, it is fair to say that Charlotte is making quite the mark.

And let’s not forget, Charlotte enjoys an enviable location about 200 miles from both mountains and coastline. Not that you’d want to leave. It’s just the perfect blend for those who want a dynamic city life with a dash of outdoor adventure.

Now it’s time to discover all that North Carolina’s largest city has to offer in this comprehensive guide to moving to Charlotte.

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A Relaxing Pace With a Vibrant Tapestry of Culture

No doubt, Charlotte is a city that knows how to meld a relaxing pace of life with a fast, vibrant beat. As the most diverse city in North Carolina and 38th among the 500 largest US cities in terms of ethno-racial diversity, according to the most recent report by WalletHub, its colors are many and varied. With 40.2 percent of the population white, 35.2 percent Black, 14.9 percent of Hispanic origin and 6.5 percent Asian, it’s a vibrant tapestry of cultures and backgrounds.

The cultural blend spins around to form an eclectic mix of recreational activities. The rumble of NASCAR and the roars from a Carolina Panthers game echo the city’s love for sports. Nature lovers, meanwhile, find their place among Charlotte’s lush parks and its closeness to both mountains and sea, a quick dash for weekend getaways.

Diverse tastes? Charlotte’s culinary scene satiates all. From the richness of Southern comfort food to the diversity of global cuisine, the city caters to food explorers. And yes, it’s a city that loves its craft beers.

With its mix of demographics, Charlotte has something for everyone — a city for students attracted by its quality education, for young professionals eyeing its dynamic job market and for families seeking a warm community vibe.

And remember, Charlotte’s charm goes beyond its attractions — it’s the welcoming nature of the people, the captivating stories and the sense of community that truly define this city. So, make sure to mingle with the locals and immerse yourself in Charlotte’s vibrant culture. You’re in for a treat!

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Charlotte Has a Promising Innovation Sector

Charlotte’s economy serves as a robust matrix, pulling strings across varied sectors. Anchoring the economic scene, Charlotte stands as the second-largest banking center in the U.S. after New York, housing the corporate headquarters of Bank of America and significant operations of Wells Fargo. Yet, the city’s economic prowess extends well beyond financial services.

With over 3,600 manufacturers and a workforce of 145,000, the Charlotte region is a hub of advanced manufacturing. The sector is growing, with 7,500 jobs announced since 2020. And nearly 45,000 professionals contribute to the region’s innovation economy, priming it for the demands of the future.

The median household income in Charlotte is $68,367, slightly under the national value but 13 percent higher than the state’s. Also, the city’s per capita income of $43,080 outperforms the state and national values by roughly 26 percent and 14 percent, respectively.

Unemployment rate: 3.2% (as of January 2023)

Average weekly wages for all industries: $1,160 (as of May 2022)

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Slightly More People Tend to Own Homes in Charlotte 

When it comes to homeownership, Charlotte leans towards a slightly more transient population, with around 52.7 percent of residents owning their homes. This percentage is about 13 percent lower than the state average and 12 percent less than the national homeownership rate.

The Queen City’s median home value stands at $258,000, 30 percent higher than the statewide median, yet only 5 percent higher than the national one. Charlotte’s rental market also proves to be a bit pricier than its state counterpart. The median gross rent here sits at $1,260, a nearly 28 percent increase over North Carolina’s average, and about 8 percent more than the national median.

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Each Neighborhood in Charlotte Offers Its Own Distinct Appeal 

In the patchwork quilt of Charlotte’s neighborhoods, each district offers its own unique appeal. Here are five stand-out areas that encapsulate the city’s varied lifestyle offerings. Which one would you pick?


The heart and soul of Charlotte, Uptown, lures young professionals and graduates with its dynamic city vibes, upscale amenities and cultural hotspots such as the Bank of America Stadium and Spectrum Center.


Offering a slightly more subdued, yet equally appealing city living experience, Dilworth combines a vibrant nightlife with rents a smidge lower than Uptown, making it a sought-after neighborhood.

Ballantyne East and West

These family-friendly neighborhoods offer the best of both worlds — a safe and serene environment, top-notch schools and a wide array of recreational activities.

South End

From its industrial roots, South End has bloomed into one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods, characterized by craft breweries, hip bars and easy connectivity via the LYNX light rail.


Close to the city’s pulse yet offering a touch of tranquility with its scenic Little Sugar Creek Greenway, Midtown is a haven for those who love the city life, but also cherish their quiet moments.

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Connectivity Makes Up for Bad Traffic in Charlotte

Ever worried about catching a flight on time and wishing there were more connections? The city was ranked 49th in the country for worst traffic last year by TomTom Traffic Index. Considering it’s the country’s 15th largest city, that stat isn’t too bad actually. So, while Charlotte’s Douglas International Airport cannot guarantee that you get there early, its status as the 7th busiest worldwide in terms of aircraft movements ensures that connectivity is never an issue.

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) provides bus service throughout the city, along with a light rail system, the LYNX Blue Line. The LYNX service offers 26 stations, including 11 Park and Ride locations, making it an easy option for commuters. In addition to this, in August 2021, CATS launched the CityLYNX Gold Line Streetcar, connecting the Historic West End through Center City Charlotte to the Elizabeth neighborhood.

For those who prefer biking or walking, the Blue Line Rail Trail is an 11-mile-long pedestrian/bicycle facility running parallel to the LYNX Blue Line light rail. The trail, connecting to 15 different bicycle routes, has become a signature pedestrian and bicycle route in Charlotte.

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Charlotte Shines in Its Higher Education Landscape

From the scribbles of kindergarten art to the rigor of university dissertations, Charlotte has educational horsepower that drives the city’s dynamic and diverse character.

​​Charlotte’s network of 181 public schools serves a broad student base. From high-performing elementary schools to prestigious high schools, the city’s public education system caters to a wide range of academic needs. Charlotte is also home to 78 private schools, serving 9% of all K-12 students. These institutions, often having religious affiliations, provide a unique educational experience that complements the city’s public offerings.

Charlotte truly shines in its higher education landscape. It is a city with a rich academic culture, made vibrant by several colleges and universities. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is the city’s crown jewel, with over 30,000 students across disciplines such as business, computing & informatics, architecture, liberal arts, health services, science and engineering.

Other key players in Charlotte’s academic scene include Central Piedmont Community College, Johnson & Wales University, Johnson C Smith University and Queens University of Charlotte.

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The Swing of Seasons in Charlotte

Experiencing all four seasons, Charlotte’s climate delivers an ever-changing backdrop to life’s events, from warm, sunny summers perfect for outdoor exploration to milder winters offering a cool reprieve. 

Charlotte greets you with a climate that allows you to savor each of the four seasons. The city oscillates between warm, somewhat humid summers and mild winters, making it a destination for all weather preferences.

Typically, there is some snowfall over the winter. And in true Southern city fashion, Charlotte takes its snow days seriously. Because heavy snow is rare, roads will often remain covered for days at a time during storms. It thaws quickly in the spring though, when you’ll find patios and sidewalks filled with locals soaking in the warm weather and sun. But the city’s favorite season may be fall, when its famed tree canopy can really shine with neighborhood streets seemingly lined in autumn reds and golds.

Summer average (June – Aug): 89℉ high, 71℉ low

Winter average (Dec – Feb): 55℉ high, 33℉ low

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10 Can’t-Miss Things to Do in Charlotte

Charlotte, much like its weather, is a city of warmth, light and never-ending charm, brimming with activities for everyone. No matter if you are an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff, a fan of arts and culture, or just love to explore new food and drink scenes, the Queen City has a little something to suit everyone’s taste. Here’s a snapshot of the top 10 can’t-miss things to do in Charlotte:

  1. Put the pedal to the metal at the NASCAR Hall of Fame: Even if you’re not a motorsports enthusiast, the fascinating history, interactive exhibits and adrenaline-pumping simulations are sure to enthrall you. 
  2. Take on the rapids at the U.S. National Whitewater Center: From whitewater rafting to rock climbing, mountain biking and more, outdoor adventure is waiting for you at these world-class recreation grounds.
  3. Admire the blooms at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden: This beautiful 30-acre garden on the banks of Lake Wylie is the perfect spot for a tranquil afternoon stroll.
  4. Dive into discovery at the Discovery Place Science: Ignite your curiosity with the interactive exhibits at one of the top science centers in the country. 
  5. Experience art at the Mint Museum: From contemporary to classical, discover a world of art at this internationally-renowned institution.
  6. Witness the beauty of nature at the Carolina Raptor Center: Meet majestic birds of prey and learn about wildlife conservation efforts at this specialized wildlife center.
  7. Soak up the atmosphere in the NoDa Neighborhood: Known for its vibrant art scene, cool breweries and eclectic food offerings, this neighborhood captures the essence of Charlotte’s creative spirit.
  8. Step back in time at the Levine Museum of the New South: Explore the South’s history from the end of the Civil War to today at this comprehensive and engaging museum.
  9. Catch a game at the Bank of America Stadium: Get a taste of Charlotte’s passion for sports by watching the Carolina Panthers play on their home turf.
  10. Step into a different era at the Carolina Renaissance Festival: Held annually in nearby Huntersville, this festival is one of the largest themed events in the country.

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