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Corpus Christi At-A-Glance

Nice weather and affordability are good reasons to consider moving to Corpus Christi, but how much do you know about this little gem on the Gulf Coast?

With a population of approximately 315,000, the seat of Nueces County manages to marry urban life with the laid-back atmosphere of a coastal town and has rightfully earned the name of the “Sparkling City by the Sea.”

This is largely due to its beautiful beaches, clear blue skies and excellent fishing opportunities. Not to mention it serves as a gateway to the Padre Island National Seashore — quite useful if what you want is outdoor fun overload.

Great Beaches, Nightlife and Everything In Between

After moving to Corpus Christi, you’ll soon notice how everyday life carries a hint of coastal charm that’s hard to find elsewhere. That’s because the city offers a balance that many crave but few places can deliver.

Here, you’re never too far from a beach, yet all the conveniences of city life are just a short drive away. This means your weekends could be as varied as exploring local museums and parks one day and kayaking or bird watching at a nearby nature reserve the next. Oh, and students here love the nightlife.

Foodies are also in luck in Corpus Christi. The local cuisine is a celebration of the Gulf’s bounty, with seafood playing a starring role, and vegetarians will find groceries here to be very affordable. This leaves more room in your budget for the things that enhance your lifestyle, from enjoying local attractions to personalizing your living space.

Moving to Corpus Christi with a pet? The veterinary care here has the lowest cost in the nation, second only to Columbus, OH.

A Healthy Mix of Industries Awaits You

All the fun in the sun makes tourism and hospitality a huge part of the Corpus Christi industry, but the economy here is also big on energy, maritime activities and logistics. After all, the city is the fifth-largest port in the U.S., with major refineries and petrochemical plants dotting the landscape.

We mentioned affordability here and there, but didn’t go into numbers. Well, the cost of living in Corpus Christi is about 10% lower than the national average and healthcare does even better: 19% lower.

The picture wouldn’t be complete without some insights on income as well. The median household income here is around $65,000 — at 14% lower than the national median income, it pairs well with the cost of living so you don’t need to worry about downsizing when moving to Corpus Christi.

Looking for a job market on the rise? Employment in mining, logging and construction has gone up by 10% from November 2022, and the information, education and health services sectors have also recorded an uptick.

Unemployment rate in Corpus Christi area: 3.9 percent (as of November 2023)

Average weekly wages for all industries in the Corpus Christi area: $1,071 (Q2 2023)

A Good Place to Own a Home

From beachfront properties on Padre Island to suburban neighborhoods, Corpus Christi offers a mix of housing types, including single-family homes, condos and apartments. 

This means you can easily find something for your needs and preferences — now all that’s left to check is if those options also fit your budget. Fortunately, the city’s affordability extends to its real estate market, with property prices and rental rates quite competitive for the region.

The median home value of $181,000 puts Corpus Christi nearly 36% below the national median value, with rent only 7% cheaper. This explains why 57% of residents choose to own their homes here instead of renting.

Fun fact: Most people interested in moving to Corpus Christi currently live in Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.

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Moving on an Island in the Sun or the Suburbs?

Are you into beachside living or do you need your urban fix at all times? Here are a few neighborhood pointers to make moving to Corpus Christi a tad easier:

Padre Island

The longest barrier island in the world at 113 miles — is the spot of choice for those dreaming of a life by the water. Besides the inevitable luxury homes that such a place calls for, it also has some more affordable options closer to the beach. With relaxation and recreation in its blood, this is the perfect choice for water sports enthusiasts, families and retirees alike.

Between the Oso Bay and the Laguna Madre, there’s Flour Bluff and its mix of residential and commercial areas. Known for its good schools and family-friendly atmosphere, it has quite an appeal to families and professionals.


The way to go if you’re looking for a quieter, more suburban feel with affordable housing. You can find it in the northwest part of Corpus Christi, with both single-family homes and larger lots for those seeking more space.

Extra: The best suburbs to live in the Corpus Christi area are Fulton, Rockport and Portland.

Looks Like You Might Need a Car in Corpus Christi 

Corpus Christi experiences less congested traffic conditions than major urban centers. This allows for more predictable travel times and makes commuting more relaxed. In fact, people here spend less than 20 minutes on average to get to work, compared to nearly 27 minutes throughout Texas and the U.S. Given that Corpus Christi is a car-dependent city, that’s quite a miracle. Sure, there are walkable neighborhoods around — Bay Area and Central City, for instance — but most errands sure need a car.

Willing to trade your car for public transportation? It consists of around 30 bus routes throughout the county, all ensured by CCRTA. Besides these routes, the regional transportation authority also has a series of complementary programs underway, such as vanpooling, Park & Ride and Paratransit.

Learning Begins Early and Never Stops

Corpus Christi believes in giving all kids a head start. That’s why they came up with the Birth-to-Five Head Start Program, helping little ones from families that might not have it all. They get to jump into learning, munch on healthy meals and even make sure their dental checks are on track.

As the school years roll around, the Corpus Christi Independent School District (CCISD) is ready to welcome every dreamer. Got a future robot engineer or a budding Picasso at home? CCISD’s diverse programs are designed to turn those dreams into plans.

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC) is the star player here for higher education. With marine biology and environmental science as top programs, just imagine hitting the books on that with the ocean as your backdrop. 

But hey, learning never really stops, does it? In Corpus Christi, there’s always something new to explore, no matter how many candles are on your birthday cake. The city is packed with places that invite you to keep growing, keep learning and maybe even pick up a new hobby or two.

Sunny Days and Cool Breezes

Corpus Christi, TX
6:48 am6:32 pm CDT
Feels like: 70°F
Wind: 5mph W
Humidity: 100%
Pressure: 29.8"Hg
UV index: 0
4 am5 am6 am7 am8 am
75°F / 66°F
77°F / 68°F
82°F / 59°F
75°F / 52°F
68°F / 54°F

In Corpus Christi, life under the sun is pretty much the norm, with a climate that smiles on everyone with warmth and sunshine for the bulk of the year.

Summertime is when Corpus Christi really turns up the heat, offering long, sunny days that are perfect for all things summer. But even when it sizzles, the Gulf breeze rolls in like a cool sigh of relief.

Spring and fall here are nothing short of perfect for any outdoor plan you’ve got in mind. Winter, on the other hand, is more a mild pause than a deep chill. Snow is practically a myth, and while you might reach for a sweater, it’s more about comfort than necessity.

Yet, it’s not all calm seas and gentle breezes — Corpus Christi is familiar with the drama of Gulf storms, especially during hurricane season. People stay vigilant and prepared because respecting and adapting to the weather’s moods is a part of coastal living here.

Summer average (June – Aug): 93℉ high, 75℉ low

Winter average (Dec – Feb): 70℉ high, 50℉ low

10 Can’t-Miss Things to Do in Corpus Christi

Museums, festivals, gardens and oh-so-many beaches await you here. Try a bit of everything and don’t miss out on fun adventures and water sports. Here are the top 10 ideas that you can transform into your bucket list after moving to Corpus Christi:

  1. Explore the USS Lexington Museum on the Bay, the massive aircraft carrier turned museum. Not interested in learning about naval aviation? Try out its escape rooms and flight simulator instead.
  2. Book exclusive encounters for your kids at the Texas State Aquarium and have them snorkel with a shark or feed the fish.
  3. Relax at the Padre Island National Seashore, where you can enjoy pristine beaches, camping, bird watching and sea turtle releases.
  4. Wander through the South Texas Botanical Gardens and don’t miss out on the Butterfly House!
  5. Catch a Corpus Christi Hooks baseball game at Whataburger Field.
  6. Spend a day at Malaquite Beach on Padre Island.
  7. Hang out at the Bob Hall Pier, a prime spot for fishing, surfing or just enjoying panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico.
  8. Experience local theater productions and musicals at one of the oldest continually operating community theaters in Texas: Harbor Playhouse Theatre.
  9. Try windsurfing and kiteboarding on Laguna Madre. Since Corpus Christi is a premier destination for water sports, it would be a shame not to take up some lessons now that you live here.
  10. Celebrate the life and music of Selena Quintanilla at Fiesta de la Flor with Latin music, salsa dance competitions and delicious Tex-Mex cuisine.

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