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Detroit At-A-Glance

Is moving to Detroit on your to-do list? You’d be heading there just when the city’s hitting its stride again. After years of financial decline, Detroit is in the throes of a veritable economic boom. Investments and developments have been going on for a while now and its economic recovery is expected to continue.

With a population of around 620,000 within its borders and a greater metropolitan expanse that draws in over four million people, Motown is now a hive of activity that’s far more than the engines and assembly lines of its automotive legacy. In fact, Detroit’s startup scene is blowing up as the city reinvents itself in tech and healthcare.

If you don’t already know where you will be living in Detroit, follow our cues on traffic, education and general city vibes and meet your neighborhood match in the end. Amidst all the electrifying action and delicious experiences sweeping through the city, it’s an exciting era to call Detroit home.

A City of Revival All-Around

Thinking of painting the town red in Detroit? Well, you’re in for a wild ride. City nights buzz with the energy of local brews and dynamic performances. Your evening could start with a craft beer from a new brewery, or perhaps a whiskey from a local distillery. Later, you might find yourself under the ornate ceilings of an art deco theater downtown, listening to a live band or watching a Broadway show on tour.

Plus, Detroit’s food scene has been completely revamped. Neighborhoods that were once food deserts now burst with bistros, bars and breweries. But while the new spots are great, the soul of Detroit’s food scene still lies in its long-standing dive bars, the old-school Soul Food joints and the hyperlocal Coney Islands.

If you love sports, Detroit is one of only 13 cities in the country that has four major league sports teams: Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons. And they are all within city limits, so there’s no excuse for not attending.

Naturally, the city that’s most famous for its automobiles and music offers a myriad of annual events that cater to car lovers and hard rockers. The Detroit Grand Prix brings IndyCar racing to the track on Belle Isle each year in early June and fans of electronic music travel from around the world to attend the Detroit Movement Festival at Hart Plaza every Memorial Day weekend.

There’s also the Detroit Jazz Festival during Labor Day weekend, several beer festivals, America’s Thanksgiving Parade on Detroit’s Woodward Avenue and so much more — plenty to keep your social calendar jam-packed every month of the year. 

Detroit Is Ready for Business

Looking for a fresh start or career opportunities? Perhaps Detroit is the golden opportunity you’ve been searching for. The city’s on a steady climb, thanks to a surge in small businesses and strategic economic initiatives. Michigan’s been on a roll, adding new jobs year after year, and living in Detroit won’t drain your wallet either — the cost of living here is only 4 percent above the national average.

Detroit’s job market has shifted gears since the peak of the auto industry, but don’t be fooled; cars still rule the roads here. Manufacturing remains a powerhouse for employment, alongside growing sectors like finance, healthcare, retail and a budding tech scene. 

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? The city’s rolling out the red carpet for local ventures and investors, led by champs like the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation. Their programs, like BuyDetroit, are making waves by knitting a tight-knit B2B procurement network, championing small businesses with the tools, resources and support they need to thrive.

This is Detroit today — resilient, reinventing and ready for business.

Unemployment rate: 4.1 percent (as of August 2023)

Average weekly wages for all industries in the Detroit area: $1,445 (Q1 2023)

Most People in Detroit Prefer to Rent

Dreaming of homeownership without the massive price tag? Moving to Detroit checks that box for you. Renowned as the most affordable major city in the U.S. for home buyers and ranking an impressive 4th across all cities, irrespective of size, Detroit welcomes prospective homeowners with open arms.

If you haven’t started house hunting in Detroit yet, home values (and prices) are bound to shock you. The city offers homes at a median value of just under $58,000, which is less than a quarter of the national median value

If instead, you’re looking to rent, you won’t feel the pinch either. At a median gross rent of $899, Detroit’s offering sits below the median value of both the state of Michigan and the United States.

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Pick Your New Spot in Detroit

Ever thought about the tales that Detroit’s streets could tell if they could talk? The city has been around for over 300 years, so that’s a lot of stories! Which neighborhood will you choose for living in Detroit to the fullest?

Boston-Edison. Did you know Henry Ford once called this place home? The neighborhood boasts around 900 homes that stand as some of Detroit’s finest and the Boston-Edison Association, founded in 1921, stands testament to its rich history.

Corktown. This spot, the most historic in Detroit, is a hit with the young professional crowd. Irish folks started it when they came over in the 1850s. It’s colorful and lively, with old homes and memories of a baseball stadium that once stood tall.

Lafayette Park. This more modern part of town is popular with students. The distinctive look of most buildings here is all down to one man, Mies Van der Rohe.

Rosedale Park. This place has been around for over 100 years and now has 1500+ houses with various styles and prices — while some need a bit of love, others are ready for you to move in.

Traffic in Detroit Is as Good as It Gets

You know what’s incredible about Detroit? The way it moves. There’s that Motor City rhythm in the veins of Detroiters, and it shows even in traffic. On average, you’re looking at under 9 minutes for every 6 miles you drive. Rush hour is also surprisingly breezy.

We won’t sugarcoat it — Detroit is a city that loves its cars, but that doesn’t mean you’re without other options:

  • Do you have comfy shoes? Detroit has a walk score of 51. This means some spots in the city are perfect for a stroll. You’ll find areas like the University District and Downtown are the most foot-friendly. Biking isn’t bad either.
  • Buses? Yep, they are the heartbeat of public transit here, although they might not cover every nook and cranny of the suburbs. And here’s something cool: the Detroit People Mover. This elevated light rail service connects some of the city’s hottest spots. Plus, the QLine (once known as M-1 Rail) that rolled out in 2017 is perfect for zipping down Woodward Avenue, one of the city’s main arteries.

Heads up: The warmer months are lovingly dubbed “Orange Barrel season.” It’s when construction projects bloom, so a little patience goes a long way.

Learning in the Heart of Detroit

Education in Detroit? It’s got quite the story. Over 100 schools dot the city map, thanks to the Detroit Public Schools Community District. The numbers say it all: with 50,000 students on their rosters, and 78 percent of them getting extra support with free or reduced lunch.

Now, let’s talk quality. Bates Academy shines brightly for both the little ones in elementary and the tweens in middle school. And for the teenagers? Renaissance High and Cass Technical High are names you’ll hear a lot, and for good reason.

But Detroit doesn’t stop at high school. Wayne State University and the University of Detroit Mercy prep young adults for the world, be it in law, engineering or medicine. And for those with a flair for the creative? The College of Creative Studies is where they find their groove.

Variable Weather That Will Satisfy Everyone

With four very distinct and dynamic seasons, Detroit has a variable weather that will satisfy everyone. Although summertime is characteristically hot — and oppressively humid — Michigan offers over “11,000 inland lakes“ for boating, swimming and fishing, many within driving distance from the Metro area.

The same lakes that tempt residents with a refreshing dip in the swelter of July are the perfect destination to return to for ice skating and other winter sports when temperatures go well below freezing in chilly January.

Summer average (June – Aug): 82℉ high, 63℉ low

Winter average (Dec – Feb): 35℉ high, 22℉ low

10 Can’t-Miss Things To Do in Detroit

Before actually living in Motor City, envision weekend outings with the family along the Detroit River and an entire palette of child-friendly delights and family bonds waiting to be formed. Here are the 10 things you can’t miss in Detroit, regardless of age:

  1. Experience the Detroit Institute of Arts. Sure, there are over 65,000 artworks, spanning continents and centuries, but for the kiddos, hands-on art-making workshops and storytelling sessions often steal the show.
  2. Run wild at Belle Isle Park. With its zoo, giant slide, playgrounds and nature center, this urban oasis turns into a child’s wonderland. Oh, and don’t miss the aquarium — it’s one of the oldest in the country!
  3. Groove at the Motown Museum. This is a trip down memory lane or an introduction to the beats that had the whole world dancing. Interactive exhibits make it fun for all ages.
  4. Cheer loudly at Ford Field or Comerica Park. Whether it’s the Lions’ roar or the Tigers’ prowl, the pulse of Detroit’s sports scene is undeniable. The energy is palpable, especially on game day.
  5. Stroll on the Riverfront. Adventure awaits with splash pads, riverboat tours and the delightful Cullen Family Carousel. Choose between three one-mile routes, three 5K routes and three 5-mile routes.
  6. Jive at the Detroit Jazz Festival. Celebrate Detroit’s deep-rooted connection to jazz and turn it into a family day out.
  7. Visit the Detroit Historical Museum. See the Motor City’s transformation, from the auto industry’s birth to the 1967 Uprising. It’s Detroit’s story, told by its people.
  8. Catch a show at the Fox Theatre. With its lavish interiors and jaw-dropping acoustics, the performance begins the moment you step in.
  9. Feast at Eastern Market. From local artisans showcasing their crafts to mouth-watering eats that represent the city’s diverse palate, there’s a lot to browse through.
  10. Hop onto the Detroit People Mover. Okay, it might sound ordinary, but it’s an iconic Detroit experience. The elevated train gives you a unique city tour, one loop at a time.

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