5 Reasons You Should NOT Move to El Paso

There are plenty of reasons to move to El Paso, such as the fact that it’s still considered one of the safest cities in the United States, the residents are extremely friendly, the food is great and you’ll always have a nice time wherever you go.

But that doesn’t mean the city doesn’t have its own faults. Before you decide to relocate to El Paso, you should consider looking into if this city really suits you and your preferences.

1. Uneducated drivers.

There will always be bad drivers where you move to but dealing with uneducated drivers is another story. In other cities, the drivers are more likely to attend Drivers Education classes and actually read the manual while drivers in El Paso seem to have forgotten there was a manual in existence. Be aware of lack of turning signals, wrong way driving, tailgating and a lot of angry honking.

2. When it’s hot, it’s hot.

Living in El Paso means you will be seeing and feeling the sun practically all year round. The triple digits don’t just fluctuate in the summertime either and it can stay hot out even during the fall and winter months. If you’re looking to live in a sunny city then this is the place for you. But if you can’t handle the heat and don’t want to be stuck inside all of the time with the air conditioning on blast then move on to the next place.

3. Everything you want to do is several hours away.

Everyone knows that everything in Texas is bigger but traveling from El Paso to any major city can take a toll. The drive can take about 8 hours or longer so patience really has to be a virtue here. This means that you will have to plan way ahead of time if you want to travel anywhere outside of the city for any events like concerts or festivals.

4. Tu no hablas español.

Living in a border city has its great moments but if you are not bilingual in a city where 90 percent of the citizens speak Spanish fluently then you will have a difficult time adjusting to your new home. In practically every job application, you will need to be bilingual to ensure you have a shot at getting hired. If you do get hired and you still don’t speak Spanish then you will be questioned repeatedly on why you don’t know the language especially if you are of Mexican descent.

5. The job market is limited.

There are plenty of jobs available in El Paso for anyone looking for a new place of work. Despite having plenty of jobs available to apply to, it seems as if all the entry level jobs that become available that are high paying jobs are associated with call centers. If you don’t mind listening to people curse at you on a daily basis, the long hours and sitting all day then feel free to apply. When there are other jobs available other than call centers then knowing the right people will land you that job or if you’re extremely lucky you might get it.


Tanya Torres