Where Are All the New Residents of Honolulu Moving From?

Living in Honolulu probably sounds like living in paradise to a lot of people. Apparently, people who already live in Hawaii are a little skeptical of that idea, though.

First a little background. The population of metro Honolulu has stayed virtually steady recently; it went from 993,166 to 992,605 residents between July 2015 and July 2016, a decline of just 0.06 percent, according to the latest census data. The metro area and the county have the same boundaries and same population, according to the census.

If we take a slightly longer view, though, Honolulu County attracted 47,628 domestic movers from 2011 to 2015, according to another census study that covers those years.

And almost all of those movers—93 percent—came from out of state, mostly from places that also have lots of sunshine and access to beaches. The other 7 percent, just 3,203 people, came from other places in Hawaii.

Below are rankings for the top five counties of origin for movers to Honolulu County:

Movers outside of Hawaii:

  1. San Diego County, CA
  2. Los Angeles County, CA
  3. El Paso County, CO (Colorado Springs)
  4. Orange County, CA
  5. King County, WA (Seattle)

Movers from Hawaii (data not available for any other counties in Hawaii):

  1. Hawaii County
  2. Maui County
  3. Kauai County

Above are the top places inside Hawaii that people moved to Honolulu County from over the five-year period 2011-2015. Numbers represent the number of movers from that place during the period.


Elizabeth Whalen