5 Most Iconic Landmarks in Huntsville, AL

Known as the 2nd largest city in Alabama, Huntsville is home to more than 400,000 residents. While it’s not currently on the list of the fastest growing cities in Alabama, it has seen substantial growth over the past decade.

Located in the Northern region of the Heart of Dixie, Huntsville features the beauty of the Appalachian region and relies heavily on the aerospace industry and military bases in the area. You’ll be surprised at the number of iconic landmarks that will make you more fall in love with the city.

1. U.S. Space and Rocket Center

The area’s most well-known landmark, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center is a must-see spot while in the Huntsville area. It serves as the visitor’s center for the nearby Marshall Space Flight Center. You’ll find and learn about the many exhibits including shuttles, rocket boosters, and rockets.

Visitors can take daily tours or just walk around the grounds. The visitor center is easy to spot with its rockets displayed out front. The rocket center is home to the many space camps that take place every year to educate students who are considering a career as an astronaut.

2. Burritt on the Mountain

Sitting on top of Round Top Mountain, the Burritt Mansion is a local landmark with a rich history. The 1938 mansion was built on a 167-acre site and was home to Dr. William Henry Burritt. The historical park has been open for guests for the past 60 years and shares Dr. Burritt’s love for natural medicine and plants.

Guests can tour the mansion as well as the grounds which include multiple 19th century period style homes as well as a barnyard, stables, and blacksmith shop. Hiking trails filled with native wildflowers are located throughout the property making this a great spot to enjoy the outdoors.

3. Monte Sano Mountain Cross

Located on the Rock Bluff Trail at Burritt on the Mountain, this 70-foot-tall white concrete cross has become a local landmark among hikers. The cross sits right on the edge of a tree line and is easy to spot. Also known as the “Burritt Cross”, this landmark is well-known to both hikers and nature lovers..

4. Alien Restaurant

Locals call it the “alien” restaurant but it’s actually home to D’licous Dining & Smokehouse Grill. The restaurant features a unique design flanked in teal and red colors. The building is easy to spot thanks to the “alien” painted on the front entry doors. The restaurant on Pratt Avenue is known for its fried green tomatoes.

5. First Baptist Church Mural

Another popular landmark in the Huntsville area is the mural of the First Baptist Church located on Governor’s Drive. This church is well known for the mosaic on the building that features a depiction of Jesus.

However, the mosaic is often referred to as “eggbeater Jesus” given the way that it’s painted with multiple round shapes. The church leaders assure visitors that they’re “more than just a mural.”


With so many iconic landmarks in Huntsville, it’s impossible to get lost.  But it’s easy to lose yourself in the history and beauty of the city.


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