How Big is Central Park, Actually?

Central Park is big. Anyone who has ever thought to himself, “Hey, I can walk from Midtown to the Met” has learned this the hard way (yours truly is speaking from personal experience). To put numbers behind it, the massive emerald rectangle running down Manhattan’s length is 2.5 miles long and a half mile wide, weighing in at 843 acres. If you were wondering how many 10×10 storage units you’d need to store Central Park (these are the things we think about here at SpareFoot) well, that would be 367,158 units. And as the average price of a 10×10 storage unit in NYC is a whopping $342, you could expect to pay $125,568,036 in monthly rental fees — only about $30 million more than you’d spend on the penthouse at 432 Park Avenue.

But those numbers don’t really give you an idea of how huge Central Park really is. In order to do so, we used mapping tool MAPfrappe to compare Central Park’s girth with cities and landmarks around the world. You may be surprised by the results: Central Park gobbles up nearly all of Downtown Chicago and the entirety of Monaco. Check out our infographic for even more comparisons:

How Big is Central Park in NYC?

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