10 Best Professional Organizers in Phoenix

Anyone who has ever moved knows it’s a stressful process. From finding a new home, to packing up the old one, saying goodbye to friends and embarking on a new adventure, moving is an exhausting process.

One way to ease part of the stress is to enlist the help of a professional organizer when you get to Phoenix to help you unpack and hit the ground running with a home that is efficient, systematic and beautiful. Whether you need a whole house overhaul, or simply want help with the kitchen or home office, an organizer can do some of the grunt work and leave you with tips and tricks for you to keep clutter free in your new space.

While word-of-mouth is the best way to find reputable help, in a new town that can be tough. One way to assess an organizer is to read social reviews or turn to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and select a member. In general, in Phoenix expect to pay $50-$150/hour for an organizer.

To get you started on your shopping, here is a list of 10 top organizers in the Valley.

debrametzlerDebra Metzler, Effective Organizing LLC

[email protected]

Debra Metzler is the founder of Effective Organizing, LLC, who draws on skills and experience gained from 10 years as an office manager and five years as a construction project manager to help her clients. Metzler assesses a client’s situation and then plans and implements a simple, effective organizational system. Her time management skills, downsizing techniques and relocation assistance help her clients achieve balance and harmony in their personal spaces and lives.  

“Sharing my organizing skills with others to enhance the quality of their lives by lightening their load is my passion,” said Metzler.

Metzler was the recipient of the NAPO Arizona 2016 Founders Award.  She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), has served as Education Chair and continues to serve as Newsletter Chair of NAPO Arizona and Co-chair of the Arizona Association of Senior Relocation Specialists (AASRS). 

valeriecantrellValerie Cantrell, The UNpackers

602-361-6244 | [email protected]

Valerie Cantrell is a Phoenix native who has been passionately un-packing, organizing, and de-cluttering homes for the past 19 years.

She created the UNpackers in 2000 to help new residents adapt swiftly and efficiently into their new homes. The UNpackers is an affordable, innovative, and flexible way for clients to feel at home quickly.

The UNpackers provides a logical system for efficient home-flow. People can unpack themselves, but it could take weeks or months. With The UNpackers’ well-trained staff your home can be unpacked and running smoothly in a day.

“One of the things that matters most to me is providing reasonably priced services so that efficient and enjoyable living is affordable to many,” said Cantrell.

Honesty and integrity are mandatory for The UNpackers’ team of professionals. They are all insured, bonded, and extensively trained.

rachelwinterRachel Winter, Happy Home Organizers LLC

[email protected]

Rachel Winter works as a “Declutter Coach”.   For clients who are suffering with clutter and feel overwhelmed and stressed out from too much stuff, she becomes a personal trainer for their homes.  With her gentle yet firm guidance, she helps people decide what to “keep” and what to “let go” of. She assists clients in packing, unpacking, downsizing or just overall help in decluttering and organizing their homes. 

“My passion is helping clients love their homes and helping clients bring a sense of order and control back into their lives,” Winter said.  

Winter is a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and on the Board of NAPO-AZ.  

bridgesconnerBridges Conner, Get Organized with Bridges + Co.

[email protected]

Bridges Conner is the founder of Get Organized with Bridges + CO. She is the past president of NAPO-AZ and Channel 3 TV’s organizing guru.

Not only is Conner an excellent organizer, she is a phenomenal coach. She has created a team of seasoned organizers who understand that organizing is not a one-size-fits all. She teaches the importance of using the foundational methods of effective organizing with a combined customized approach to cater to the needs of the client. Clearing clutter is only part of the process; leaving the client with the tools, resources, and support to maintain systems is the end goal that drives her.

“My team and I are able to make a difference in peoples lives every single day by clearing the clutter,” said Conner. “When we are told that the weight of the world has been lifted off of their shoulders we know we have done our job and freed up our clients to move forward in their lives. “

 As stated best by a recent client who would like to be known as the “Anonymous Crazy Lady”… “Without Bridges, we would have had to move or burn the place down!”

daniellewurthDanielle Wurth, Wurth Organizing LLC

602-579-5274  | [email protected]

Danielle Wurth is the owner of Wurth Organizing, LLC, a professional organizing company in Scottsdale, Arizona, that transforms families with hands-on organizing sessions and empowering workshops.

Wurth Organizing is the Exclusive Arizona Brand Partner of The Container Store. Her approach is psyche-based, 4-Step Organizing Method that yields longer term organizing results.

Wurth is a contributor to the List, Real Simple Magazine, Fox 10 News, Channel 3 – Good Morning Arizona, 1360 KPXQ Faith Talk Radio and The Arizona Republic. She offers a complimentary consulting session for perspective clients.

new-day-organizing-AZ-150x150Melissa Dawson, New Day Organizing

602-507-7591 | [email protected]

Moving can be a challenge, especially if organization isn’t your strong suit. New Day Organizing works to develop a personal relationship with each client because they realize that setting up someone’s home is an intimate affair. The company can help pack and unpack, set up your entire house, or just specific rooms. Dawson and her team also offer ongoing organizational support once you’re settled in the home if you have continuing organizational needs.

“I consider it a privilege to have such a positive impact on people’s lives. Everyone benefits by having less stress. People lead busy lives and being organized gives everyone added time to be more successful in all aspects of their life. I don’t use a one method fits all. I get to know my client and create simple solutions that suit their needs and lifestyle. My method and philosophy is much more than providing an organized home – The ultimate goal is to help my clients function better and bring harmony to their daily life,” said Dawson.

charlotte_steillCharlotte Steill, Simply Put Organizing

[email protected]

Charlotte Steill was one of the first two Certified Professional Organizers in Arizona.  She has been combating clutter with Simply Put Organizing since 2001. Her aesthetically pleasing style and talent for creating efficient systems has been featured in magazines like Redbook and Better Homes and Gardens, and she has made several appearances as a guest organizer on HGTV’s Mission Organization.  Charlotte operates according to the philosophy that simple systems combined with eye appealing design can transform a space and create lasting order that is easy to maintain.

taylorsmigielTaylor Smigiel, Modern Organization & Design

602-399-2993 | [email protected]

Arizona native and ASU alum, Taylor Smigiel formed Modern Organization & Design in 2014 to capitalize on her natural instincts for organization and her passion for design by assisting those who find themselves overran by clutter.

The company offers home organizing services, including design and decorating elements in most projects.

“My belief is that people are more prone to keeping their homes neat if they are aesthetically pleasing,” said Smigiel. “An organized home helps them stay motivated to prevent the clutter from returning.”

nancynemizNancy Nemitz, Create The Space

480-223-8939 | [email protected]

For all the entrepreneurs moving to town and needing to set up a home and a home office, Create the Space, is ready to help. Founder Nancy Nemitz, specializes in workspace efficiency and organization. Since 2004, Nancy has organized a wide variety of clients including MLB players, engineers, pharmacists, financial advisers, and more

“People moving here want to be able to hit the ground running with an efficient, well-run home and business office so their business and personal life don’t suffer as a result of the moving upheaval,” said Nemitz.

andreabrundageAndrea Brundage, Simple Organized Solutions (SOS)

480-382-1085 | [email protected]

Since 2003, Andrea Brundage, founder of Simple Organized Solutions, has been a Professional Organizer and Bringer of Calm. With years of organizing experience, gentle compassion, and a calm demeanor, she helps her clients turn their “Chaos into Calm.”™

With a long career in corporate America and an MBA degree, Andrea is as comfortable working with high-level corporate executives as she is with busy moms and dads, the elderly/retiree community, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals. “My processes are results driven, easy to teach and replicate, and they work really well with both residential and corporate clients.”

Andrea says, “I love helping people regain control over their space and their ‘stuff’.” She is often found at the podium giving presentations and facilitating workshops on a myriad of topics around what she refers to as an “Intentional Living.” She has been quoted in many nationally recognized publications and makes guest appearances on television’s Sonoran Living on ABC15, as an expert organizer.

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