10 Best Professional Organizers in San Antonio

You’ve got the new place in the new city with the new job but, alas, those last moving boxes are taking up too much space in your new life. Sure, the essentials are unpacked, but what do you do with everything else: the excess photographs, picture frames, books and papers that you’ve accumulated over time? And who has time to deal with all of this on the weekends while adjusting to a new town?

In a perfect world you’d have the time and energy to purge excess items before you loaded up the moving truck, right? More often than not, however, newcomers to a city wind up dragging along more items than they want or need. Rather than letting the moving boxes continue to weigh on your mind, why not hire a pro to help you sort things out, put items up, and give your excess baggage a proper heave-ho?

Within the San Antonio metro area, professional organizers are ready and eager to help. Working with you, they’ll take inventory of your lifestyle and preferences and then help you assess what to keep, where (and how) to place it, and what to toss. Most professionals will offer a brief, free phone consultation. Others may go so far as to invite you to send photographs of the “problem area(s)” to help determine if they’re right for the job. Don’t be shy about the selection process: talk to two or three individuals to find the right “fit” for your household.

Below are the top Alamo City organizers, each of them recommended by satisfied locals.

helene-seguraHelene Segura

On her Living Order website, Segura describes her team as “problem solvers and change agents.” That certainly squares with her reputation in San Antonio, where former clients and competitors alike speak highly of her work. Segura serves private homeowners as a professional organizer and with business professionals as a productivity coach. She’s also authored several organization and time-management books.

kat-jacobyKat Jacoby

Jacoby has been actively organizing homes in San Antonio and surrounding areas for many years through her company, Divine Organization. In addition to helping newcomers with organizing after a move, Jacoby aids families who must close out estates of recently departed loved ones.

laci-secorLaci Secor

As both a licensed realtor and a professional organizer, Secor has a unique skills set to offer new residents. For individuals specifically interested in her organizational abilities, she offers a complimentary initial consultation through her Simplify Me website.

esmi-gonzalezEsmi Gonzalez

As the testimonials and pictures on Sort It Out demonstrate, Gonzalez has a knack for helping people pare down and streamline spaces, from small dresser drawers to closets and storage areas. She also offers consultations for DIY organizers who just need a little coaching on the task at hand.

jennifer-rossJennifer Ross

Whether it’s memorabilia that needs to be cut loose or a craft room in need of organization, The Spruce Goose is at the ready to help you create systems and clarity out of the clutter. Ross helps with unpacking and holiday preparation and storage solutions, too.

catherine-calmesCatherine Calmes

It’s clever that the abbreviation of Sensibly Organized Spaces is “SOS.” For time-strapped individuals in need of aid, Calmes’ services (available by the hour or in package deals) may prove to be a real lifesaver.

pamelametcalfPamela Metcalf

Serving San Antonio and surrounding areas, In Your Space Organizing offers a range of services, from assistance with unpacking moving boxes to organizing individual rooms or whole households.

amandabernalAmanda Bernal

Whether it’s the playroom or your home office giving you trouble, ABC Organize can help you cut down on clutter. Furthermore, Bernal will help you recycle or donate items to local charities as you see fit. In some cases, your donation of excess clothing or household goods may be tax deductible. (Be sure to file your donation form in a safe place for next April!)

andrea-yancy-san-antonio-tx-628Andrea Yancy

Located in Northwest San Antonio, Yancy’s Organizing You assists with home organization across the lifespan, including childproofing, downsizing, and real estate staging when you’re ready to move to your next abode.

karlatoddKarla Todd

Located just up IH-35 from the Alamo City in New Braunfels—and within easy reach of Northeast San Antonio residents, Karla Todd of 7isity offers not only one-on-one coaching in person in the home but also video-based coaching for DIY-minded folks.

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