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Tallahassee At-A-Glance

Tallahassee, affectionately known as “Tally” among the locals, stands as the capital city of Florida and a proud home to Florida State University. Students benefit from the excellent education available here, and families enjoy the affordable housing options and endless activities for the kids. 

The city’s distinct red-rolling hills and warm southern climate draw visitors across the country. And although there are a lot of perks to living in Tallahassee, when you’re ready to venture out of town, you’re in luck. The city provides easy access to Georgia, the breathtaking Gulf of Mexico beaches, and even the magical world of Disney. 

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Sunny Skies And Southern Charm

While the population may be around 200,000, don’t let Tallahassee’s size fool you! This city boasts an impressive array of cultural attractions. With 15 museums and over 25 art galleries, it’s clear that this city holds a deep appreciation for the arts.

Living in Tallahassee offers more than just cultural enrichment. Other things people love about this city are:

Educational Opportunities: Tallahassee is the proud home to prestigious universities like Florida A&M University and Florida State University. These schools provide exceptional educational opportunities and contribute to the city’s youthful and innovative climate.

Historical Sites: Tallahassee has a captivating history and is home to several historical sites, including educational landmarks and stunning antebellum homes, offering a glimpse into the city’s role in shaping American history. 

Warm Climate and Sunny Skies: Living in Tallahassee means enjoying the inviting southern climate. Winters here are mild and sunny, while summers tend to be hot and humid. It’s the perfect place to enjoy outdoor recreational opportunities year-round. 

Affordability: Among Florida cities, Tallahassee stands out as one of the most affordable. With a cost of living lower than the national average, it’s an attractive option for people looking for an affordable place to call home.

Sense of Community: In Tallahassee, you’ll experience Southern charm at its finest. The genuine warmth displayed by the locals here makes visitors feel welcome, and newcomers feel immediately at home. 

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A Thriving Economy In Florida’s North

Tallahassee’s steady job market and low unemployment rate make it an appealing destination for young professionals looking to establish their careers or newly graduated students looking for work. Additionally, the city is recognized as one of the best spots in the nation for job and wage growth. There are various incentives to attract businesses and foster economic growth, including grants, Enterprise Zones, tax incentives, training programs and business incubators.  

Top industries in Tallahassee include government, education, healthcare and technology. For those looking for work, the city’s top employers include Florida State University, the State of Florida, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Inc., the City of Tallahassee and Florida A&M University.

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The Rental Market Is Hot

Tallahassee has a strong real estate market with diverse residential options ranging from studio apartments to lavish historical homes. The market here is shaped by factors such as housing types, location, population change and economic trends. The rental market is booming, mainly due to the influx of students attending Florida State University and Florida A&M University.

The median housing cost in Tallahassee currently sits at around $250,000, and average rental prices are as follows (with studio rentals up 36 percent!):

Studio:           $1,175

1 Bedroom:    $1,000

2 Bedrooms:  $1,250

3 Bedrooms:  $1,650

4+ Bedrooms:$1,950

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Top Tally Neighborhoods

Betton Hills

Just north of the lively Midtown district, Betton Hills is a tranquil suburban neighborhood full of oak trees and meticulously maintained lawns. Families and nature lovers enjoy the area’s five parks, where they gather to picnic, walk their dogs or simply enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings. This newer development is becoming increasingly popular, and the community takes pride in its diversity and strong sense of community. 


This popular neighborhood is where the eclectic meets the historic! Midtown is a hotspot for residents and visitors, boasting boutiques, art galleries, cafes and beautiful historic homes. The area is popular with young professionals who love Midtown’s walkability and rich amenities. The nightlife is vibrant, the people are diverse, and the residents love to welcome newcomers. 


Nestled southeast of downtown, Southwood is a prestigious master-planned neighborhood. It’s the perfect spot for families seeking an exceptional education for their kids and young professionals working in the nearby state department buildings. Southwood boasts tree-lined streets, abundant parks, and recreational spaces across over 1,000 acres. The area has numerous amenities, including shopping, dining and an award-winning golf course.

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Tallahassee Transportation

One of Tallahassee’s nicknames is Cycle City due to the impressive 700+ miles of bike trails and paths throughout the city. For those who don’t own a bike or choose not to cycle, the city has many walkable neighborhoods and an extensive transportation network, making getting anywhere in the city a breeze. This transportation network includes:

Public Transit: Star Metro is Tallahassee ‘s bus system. This network of buses connects commercial areas, educational institutions and residential neighborhoods.

University Transportation: With two prominent universities in Tallahassee, shuttle services are often provided to students. These shuttles transport students across campus and, at times, between different areas of Tallahassee.

Taxi and Rideshare Services: Traditional taxi services and popular rideshare services such as Lyft and Uber operate in town, offering residents a quick and convenient transportation option.

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A City Known For Academic Excellence

Tallahassee is known for its commitment to academic excellence and a forward-looking approach to education. Its diverse education system offers a mix of public, private and charter schools catering to students from kindergarten to 12th grade. A strong emphasis is placed on early childhood education, evident through numerous preschools and early learning programs in the city.

Tallahassee’s higher learning academic landscape is anchored by Florida State University (FSU) and Florida A&M University (FAMU). FSU is considered one of the nation’s top colleges and offers its 44,000+ students 282 degree programs to choose from. FAMU is a public, historically black university with nearly 10,000 students enrolled in one of 54 bachelor’s degrees, 29 master’s degrees, three professional degrees, and 12 doctoral degrees. 

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Bring On The Sunshine (And Sunscreen)

Tallahassee is unique in that it offers a taste of all four seasons within a subtropical climate. The summers here are hot and humid, while winters bring mild temperatures hovering around the low 60s. Summers also bring frequent thunderstorms, and if you’re lucky, you’ll experience one of Tallahassee’s occasional snow flurries! 

Spring and fall are particularly pleasant, bringing milder and drier conditions. However, you can expect rainfall during all months of the year, as Tallahassee receives around 46.5 inches of rain yearly. Residents are lucky enough to experience about 233 days of sunshine each year and can enjoy outdoor activities year-round. Not a local? The best time to visit Tallahassee is between May and September.

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Top 10 Tally Highlights

If you decide to move to Tallahassee, you’ll enjoy a high quality of life, and your day-to-day living will likely be relatively easy. Once you get here, the most challenging thing you may encounter is deciding which attractions or events to check out first! This list should help. 

  1. Railroad Square Art Park: This vibrant creative district is a popular Tallahassee hotspot. The park features galleries, shops, lively events and studios where local artisans showcase and answer questions about their work. 
  2. Mission San Luis: This reconstructed 17th-century Spanish mission will allow you to experience life in the colonial era. Visitors here enjoy the lively interpreters dressed in costume and the cultural demonstrations.
  3. The Tallahassee Museum: This popular cultural attraction will take you back in time while you learn about the area’s history and wildlife. You can also enjoy interactive exhibits, historic buildings and a nature trail. 
  4. St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge: Nature lovers flock to the refuge to birdwatch, hike, observe wildlife, and take in the blissful natural surroundings. 
  5. Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park: Tap into your adventurous side by exploring crystal-clear springs, swimming, riding clear-bottom boats and exploring underwater caves. 
  6. Museum of Florida History: This family-friendly attraction allows visitors to dive into Florida’s past. Enjoy interactive exhibits, fascinating artifacts and educational displays highlighting the state’s historical and cultural past.
  7. Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park: This park allows visitors to take in the beautiful gardens, hike scenic trails, relax by the tranquil lake, go fishing, picnic and birdwatch.
  8. Florida State University: Explore FSU’s iconic landmarks and cultural centers while strolling through the school’s stunning campus. 
  9. Cascades Park: This popular urban oasis boasts waterfalls, a splash pad, an amphitheater and walking trails. Residents can also experience exciting year-round events at the park.
  10. Tallahassee Downtown Marketplace: This weekly farmers’ market is something you must experience if you’re in Tallahassee. It features fresh local produce, handmade crafts and live entertainment. 

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