10 Songs to Listen to If You Are Moving to Washington D.C.

The District is a major center for the arts, and a key element in parts of music history.  DC is the birthplace of notable artists like Duke Ellington and Roberta Flack. As the nation’s capital, DC is the home of the United States Marine Band and the United States Navy Band. Additionally, the city has fostered monumental moments in the development of hardcore punk and bluegrass, ultimately cultivating its own genre, go-go.

Here are some songs about Washington DC that must be on your moving playlist.

1. “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” by The Postal Service

2. “Washington DC” by The Magnetic Fields

3. “You’re My Miss Washington DC” by Nation of Ulysses

4. “DC or Nothing” by Wale

5. “Banned in DC” by Bad Brains

6. “White House Blues” by Bill Monroe

7. “Washington DC 5/91” by Ellis Paul

8. “Washington D.C.” by Gil Scott-Heron

9. “DC Guide” by Omar Offendum

10. “Chocolate City” by Parliament

Christine Walsh