Picture this: you’re looking forward to a relaxing and fun weekend when all of a sudden, a friend asks if you could help them move.

What do you say?

We’ve all been there, and so have many Americans. According to SpareFoot’s latest moving study, 40 percent of individuals admit to misleading someone to avoid helping them move.

If you’re the one in need of moving help, hope is not lost. There are ways to successfully convince (and, we’ll be honest, trick) your friends into helping you move.

Here are a few practical and easy hacks for getting your friends to help you move:

1. Use Bribery.

Besides offering to pay them for their help, you can also sweeten the deal with dinner, brunch, drinks, or coffee. Even better, treat them to an experience; take them to a movie, cook them dinner, pay for a massage session.

Unique thank-you gifts are so much more enticing, and there’s always the chance of extra bonding time. If you know your friends well, it should be easy to reward them with something you know they absolutely love.

2. Give Them Plenty of Lead Time.

Last-minute requests are no fun for anyone. You’ll have much better luck (and be in your friends’ graces) if you give them notice ahead of time. That way, they can block off the weekend and make plans around you rmove, rather than trying to fit it in at the last minute.

3. Ask a Woman.

We promise there’s science behind this one: According to our study, women are less likely to deny your request (44 percent of men compared to 36 percent of women say that they have misled or denied someone’s request for moving help).

4. Make it Fun.

This is the standard answer for any dull or demanding task, but moving can actually be pretty fun when you throw in food and music. Consider putting a movie on in the background as you move, or playing your favorite album and singing along. And remember: you can’t go wrong with pizza and beer.

5. Be Specific.

When we hear “moving,” we think of the big stuff – packing up an infinite number of boxes, lugging around sofas and heavy coffee tables, an insurmountable amount of stuff, etc. Make the idea of “moving” more palatable for your friends by having a plan in place of what you want them to actually do. Is it taping up boxes? Moving stuff to the truck? Wrapping up silverware and china? Give them a pre-made plan, so that they know exactly what to expect.

6. Give Them First Dibs.

Since moving is also a great time to declutter, give your friends first dibs on anything you’re planning on selling, or donating, like clothing, electronics, cookware, sports equipment, etc.

7. Try to Have as Much Ready to Go Ahead of Time.

Moving is still YOUR responsibility, so don’t expect your friends to show up and do all the hard work for you. Keep things efficient and make good use of the time that they’ve spared to help you. If possible, try to have as much packed beforehand, so that they’re not just sitting around and twiddling their thumbs.

8. Offer to Reciprocate.

This one is easy, but speaks volumes. If your friends helped you move, the least you can do is help them in return when they move. If they’re not planning on moving any time soon, offer to help with a project they’re working on, or taking care of a few chores they just haven’t gotten around to yet.


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