5 Tips For Unpacking (And Organizing) Your Tool Shed After You Move

Kristina Phelan
June 12, 2018
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For many of us, our tool shed is a place that can get crowded and disorganized over time. Moving tools into a new tool shed is important in keeping things organized to save you time later on. Check out these tips for unpacking, and organizing, your tool shed when moving into a new home.

1. Take it All Out

The first step to organizing your shed is to unpack all of your tools from the moving boxes before you start. Unload absolutely everything that you think you may want to store in your tool shed prior to moving anything in. This will help you see what needs to go into the shed as well as prioritize the most important items that should be moved in first.

2. Group Tools Together

As you take everything out of moving boxes, group the items that go together. Put all of the power tools in one area and all of the gardening tools in another. Having tools in clear groups will help you organize everything once you are ready to move items into the shed. Divide tools into groups based on how you use them: if you wear gardening gloves when using your shovel put them both in a group together to make it easier to place back in the shed.

3. Toss, Sell, or Donate

Before you start to put anything into the shed make sure that you are only keeping tools that you will use. Throw away trash and or broken items that may have mistakenly been packed into the moving boxes. Assess the items that are spread out on the lawn in the divided groups. You will more than likely see that you have accumulated more than one tool and can sell or donate the extra items that you really don’t need. Minimizing the items in your tool shed will help to make it easier to use and access in the future. While you should have already done this BEFORE moving, chances are you could still benefit from going through this process one more time.

4. Add Easy Organizers.

A great way to make your tool shed more functional is to add easy items that will help you organize your tools. Add some shelving, a peg board, or purchase some hooks that will help to use all of the vertical space in your tool shed and free up the floor space for larger items. Adding some large nails to act as hooks can also be an inexpensive way to organize tools as well.

5. Make Boundaries

If you want to be extra organized consider using painters tape on the floor to line out boundary areas for larger items like the lawnmower or the trash can. Painting the floor in different colors can also be another way to easily see where things go when you are in a hurry. Use the groups of the tools that you made in Step #2 to put things away together in certain sections of the tool shed. If you use safety glasses when mowing the lawn consider hanging a pair of safety glasses on the wall above the mower so that it is easy to use.

Unpacking items into a tool shed can be overwhelming but following these quick tips will help to organize the tools that you use the most in the yard. Make sure to unpack every tool from the moving boxes, make groups of tools that go together, and then only put things into the shed that you will absolutely use. Adding easy organizers and making boundaries of where things go in the shed will also help to organize your tool shed when moving into a new home.


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