Moving in together is a huge step for a relationship.  While it is an exciting time, moving is a stressful process and can uncover issues that you have not yet dealt with.

Make sure to have open discussions before moving in to avoid unnecessary fights and make sure communication stays open.  You’ll need to talk about everything from morning routines to cleaning schedules. Here are some important conversations to have about what you need to do before moving in together that many couples forget.

1. Consolidate Furniture.

Chances are, your new home won’t have room for two full sets of living room furniture, two dining room tables, and two beds in the master. You’ll need to decide which furniture you’ll keep and which you’ll get rid of or store.

These discussions can lead to conflicts—especially if you both have kitchen tables you want to keep. Discuss what makes sense in the long run. Try to take emotional attachment to furniture out of the equation, if possible, and think about practicality in your new space.

Bonus tip: Pests, such as bed bugs, can occupy your furniture without your knowledge. So, before you move in with someone, check all furniture to ensure you won’t also move in with unwanted houseguests.

2. Discuss Closet Space

If you or your partner are fashionistas, it may be difficult to ration closet space. Talk about how much space for clothes each of you need and evaluate availability. Investing in a clothing rack or a cool armoire is a fun and stylish way to keep the closet space fights to a minimum.

Another point of stress for some couples are shoes at the door. Discuss how many pairs are acceptable to leave on a welcome mat—if any at all—and find a storage solution that works for you both.

3. Talk About Chores

This topic may seem dull and difficult to navigate—but you also may be surprised how smoothly it can go! Talk about what chores make you nuts and which you don’t mind so much. If you’re lucky, your partner might not mind doing a chore you despise and vice versa.

For chores you both dislike, discuss taking turns and keeping the housework civil.

Bonus tip: Discuss dinner and meals. If one person cooks, maybe the other can clean the kitchen. Also, be sure to discuss how often each of you will cook.

4. Inquire About Goals

Because committing to living together is such a big step, it may be time to talk about where each party stands on other large steps. Whether you’re committing to a year-long lease together or a 30-year mortgage, by signing you’re telling your partner you plan to remain with them for a long time.

Ask yourself if you want this to lead to more commitments or if you’re content with this step for a while. If you’re not engaged or married, do you expect it soon or ever, and what does your partner want?

Take this opportunity to have an open discussion with your partner and really learn how your goals and aspirations line up.

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