As more people get vaccinated, and cities and states begin to ease COVID-19 restrictions, life is starting to feel more normal. You may be hoping to plan a garage sale to get rid of some items you no longer need around your home.  It’s still essential to prioritize health and safety, however.

There are ways to make your next garage sale or yard sale a safe event for you and your guests. Keep reading to find out how to host a safe, socially-distanced garage sale.

Hosting a Garage Sale During a Pandemic

Require everyone to wear masks

Mask rules can vary from one location to another, so they may no longer be required where you live. Still, if you want to encourage safety and help all guests feel comfortable, you can require all visitors to wear masks, whether they are vaccinated or not. You can encourage this by wearing masks yourself, and others will want to mimic your behavior. If you want the rules to be clear, you can put up signs that ask visitors to please put on masks while browsing your sale.

Spread out tables and items

In non-pandemic times, you may have tried to keep your garage sale small and could have limited your setup area. But now is a good time to increase your garage sale space. Set up tables so they’re spread out, and expand your display areas to include your lawn, driveway, and garage area. This way, everyone can maintain a safe distance while browsing items. This can also help you control larger crowds of people if your garage sale gets busy; a spaced layout helps guests more easily spread out.

Clean all items before the sale begins

To increase safety at your yard sale during a pandemic, you can thoroughly clean all items before your garage sale begins. Be sure to tell guests about your cleaning practices, so they feel more comfortable, too.  If it’s known that you prioritize health and safety, potential buyers will be more likely to purchase from you.

Keep sanitizer on hand

If you’re worried about the number of people who will be touching items at your garage sale, you can keep sanitizer on hand and have it available to everyone. Hand sanitizer that is clearly visible will encourage guests to use it as they look at your sale items.

Accept online payments

Another way to keep things more socially distant is by accepting online payments. Many people use mobile payment apps to pay friends and family members. You could choose to receive payments from apps like PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App to limit cash exchanges and proximity to others. This is also nice for the people who attend your garage sale, because they don’t have to stop and get cash before they arrive. Make a note in your advertisements to give people advanced notice.

Extend the hours of your garage sale

If you want to avoid having crowds of people, it’s a smart idea to extend the hours of your garage sale. Instead of only operating your sale for two to three hours, consider running it for a larger chunk of time—like six or even hours hours. This gives potential buyers more flexibility to visit your sale if they have other plans that day, and it will help manage crowd size, as everyone won’t be forced to stop by at the same time. Doing this makes for a long day, but it can pay off.

Begin Planning Your Pandemic-friendly Garage Sale

Yes, it’s possible to host a safe, socially-distanced garage sale during a pandemic. You can also use the above suggestions to hold a yard sale during the pandemic. All it takes is a bit of extra planning so you can take the right safety measures. If you’re struggling to get rid of excess items around your house,  SpareFoot can help. Renting a self-storage unit is an easy way to get the extra space you need, while minimizing your at-home clutter.

Natasha Gabrielle