Whether you’re protecting your outdoor cushions from chilly winter weather or you want to keep them from being damaged by the summer sun, knowing how to store your cushions is essential.

Proper storage will enhance the value of your patio furniture and won’t add much maintenance time to your routine.

When Do You Need to Store Outdoor Cushions?

As a general rule, you should store your outdoor cushions anytime you won’t be using them for a while, and anytime the weather is going to be harsh. In other words, don’t leave them out all year round.

Rain can cause your patio cushions to mildew, and cushions can also be damaged by strong sunlight that will fade the fabric and degrade the filling.

Clean Your Cushions Before Storage

Before storing your patio cushions, make sure you clean them well. Remove any debris or dirt, and follow the label instructions for cleaning. Some cushions have removable covers, while others require spot-cleaning only.

Outdoor Patio Cushion Storage Options

There are several different options for secure patio cushion storage. A common question is can you store outdoor cushions in garbage bags? Technically, yes, you can.

The big, black garbage bags can be good options for your cushions because they protect them from direct sunlight. That’s especially true for oversized outdoor cushions.

However, garbage bags aren’t necessarily the best choice for long-term storage. Here are a few others to consider.

Outdoor furniture covers

Furniture covers work well if cushions are attached to your patio furniture and can’t be easily removed. It might not be possible to bring the patio set inside, and using a good quality furniture cover is the next best thing.

Outdoor storage benches

A storage bench is a popular choice for patio cushion storage because of its convenience. Most benches have extra seating, and you can put your cushions away after each time you use them, too.

A storage shed

Any storage space you choose for your outdoor cushions should be solid and secure. A storage shed definitely meets that criteria. It’s a convenient space to store your cushions, with easy access when needed. A good set of storage shelves in your shed will also help your cushions stay cleaner and out of the way.

Waterproof storage bags

Waterproof storage bags can help protect your patio cushions without taking up much space. Since these bags are designed to seal tightly and hold only your outdoor cushions, they can be slid under a bed, stored on a shelf, or even tucked in a closet.

Waterproof storage boxes

Storage boxes are great options for a waterproof location for your patio cushions. Smaller cushions typically fit well in these totes, and you can keep the totes in a shed or garage without worrying about dampness, bugs, dirt, or other problems.


The Bottom Line for Outdoor Cushion Storage

With a little cleaning and care, as well as the right storage solutions and an eye on the weather, your outdoor cushions can stay looking great for a long time.

Enjoying your outdoor space is more comfortable with good cushions, and taking proper care to store those cushions the right way means they’ll be ready for the next time you need them.