What Can You Fit Inside of a 10×30 Storage Unit?

Andreea Draguleasa
January 24, 2024
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Are you planning a big move and need a secure spot to keep everything while you smooth out the details? Do you need to store inventory or large equipment for your business? Either way, when space is what you need, a 10×30 storage unit might just be your new best friend. It is a generously sized hideaway for your furniture, appliances and all those boxes filled with who-knows-what. Over 100 boxes, actually.

How Big Is a 10×30 Storage Unit?

The answer is a standard two-car garage, with the cars parked one in front of the other, not side by side. Unlike the more common two-car garage which is wider, this unit is like an elongated version, trading a bit of width for more depth.

Talking numbers, 10×30 is how many square feet? Well, this giant among storage units sprawls out over 300 square feet, like a long, welcoming corridor of space waiting to cradle your belongings. Height is also important. The storage unit ceiling typically reaches up to 8 feet, so you are looking at a grand total of 2,400 cubic feet of space. That’s quite the vertical and horizontal playground for your stuff, right?

Plus, some of these units are more than just barren spaces; they come with little life-savers like electricity sockets and plumbing, provided the facility owner gives a thumbs up. That doesn’t mean you can live in a unit, but you might use a trickle charger for your battery.

What Can Fit in a 10×30 Storage Unit?

The expansive layout of a 10×30 storage unit is like having a personal warehouse, ready to gulp down the contents of a hefty living space. But just how much can you tuck away in there? Well, prepare to be amazed!

A 10×30 unit is not shy when it comes to space and can welcome items from a fully furnished five-bedroom house with open arms. Consider stashing your comfy mattress sets, dressers, couches, a grand dining room set and that sleek entertainment center. Major appliances like your refrigerator, washer and dryer? They can all march in, no questions asked. Your seasonal items, outdoor gear and bikes will find cozy corners too. It’s the kind of space that provides a sigh of relief amidst the chaos of moving, growing families or business expansions. And the cherry on top? You still have room to shimmy around!

Now, let’s steer this conversation toward the elephant in the room, or shall we say, the truck in the unit?

Is a 10×30 Storage Unit Big Enough for a Truck?

Absolutely! The generous dimensions of a 10×30 unit are more than ample to accommodate a truck, even if it’s on the larger side. While it cannot snugly hold two pickup trucks, it does allow some breathing space and room for a smattering of tools and equipment around just one truck. Versatile as it is, this giant space is an attractive choice for vehicle owners who also need extra storage.

Now, not just any trucks, but also small boats and even some types of RVs find a safe haven in these units. However, there’s a caveat when it comes to taller vehicles like certain RVs. For Class A motorhomes, known for their towering stature, the standard 8-foot ceiling of a storage unit will definitely give head bumps. Many Class B motorhomes may not slide in comfortably either. It’s always wise to check the height of the unit and your RV to avoid any unwelcome surprises. Some facilities offer higher ceilings or open storage spaces catering specifically to these towering vehicles, ensuring they too have a secure spot to rest.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need for a Five-Bedroom House?

The prospect of moving out or simply needing a place to stash your belongings from a five-bedroom house might lead to a bit of a head-scratch. That’s a lot of stuff! But don’t fret, because there is a storage unit size up to the task — the 10×30 aka the granddaddy of storage spaces.

It is spacious enough to house the furniture, appliances and all the odds and ends of a five-bedroom home. Remember those comfy mattresses, dressers, the dining room set, the refrigerator, washer and dryer we talked about earlier? They will find a home here along with plenty of other household items.

What about all the boxes filled with clothes, books and all the other smaller stuff? Good news! There is room for them, too. A 10×30 unit has the capacity to swallow the contents of a large moving truck, making it a perfect choice to house everything from a substantial home.

And oh, let’s not forget about the garage. Got a couple of bikes, some garden tools and seasonal decorations? There is space for these extras as well in a 10×30 storage unit. It’s like having a secure, accessible extension of your home where your belongings can stay put, organized and ready for when you need them again.

What Size Moving Truck Do I Need for a 10×30 Storage Unit?

The popular pick for this job is the 26 ft. moving truck. It’s the big kahuna in the moving truck world, specifically designed for moving 3-5 bedroom homes. If you rent from U-Haul, you get the added benefits of a low deck and an EZ-Load ramp, which simplifies the loading and unloading process — a boon when you have a houseful of belongings.

Now, the 26 ft. moving truck alone is a formidable vessel, but if you are looking to transport your belongings in one fell swoop, pairing it with a 6′ x 12′ cargo trailer might just be the ticket. This combo gives you ample space for all your furniture and boxes that will later fill that 10×30 storage unit to the brim.

Pro tip: To ensure a smooth ride for your delicate belongings, wrap them and anchor them well. Better yet, ask for professional help.

Do 10×30 Storage Units Have Climate Control?

When considering a 10×30 storage unit, one of the features that might pop up on your radar is climate control, especially if you are planning to store items sensitive to temperature and humidity and if the area you live in often reaches extremes. However, the reality of finding this feature in a 10×30 unit can be a bit of a mixed bag.

Most commonly, 10×30 storage units are situated outdoors and come with drive-up access. This design makes loading and unloading your belongings a breeze, that’s true, but it often comes at the cost of climate control. The large exterior units typically don’t offer this feature due to their size and outdoor location, making it challenging to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level within the unit.

Now, if you are storing stuff that’s not too fussy about the temperature, like metal shelving or plastic containers, then a standard 10×30 unit will do the trick. However, if you have items like wooden furniture, electronics, textiles or artwork, climate control becomes a bit more crucial to prevent damage from extreme temperature fluctuations or moisture.

So, what can you do if your heart is set on a climate-controlled environment for your precious belongings? Well, one workaround could be to opt for a smaller indoor unit for the sensitive items while keeping the rest in the 10×30 unit. Indoor units are more likely to offer climate control, protecting your valuables from the wild mood swings of Mother Nature.

Of course, there are facilities out there that defy the norm and offer climate-controlled 10×30 units and they can be a real game-changer if you have a lot of temperature-sensitive items to store. However, take into account the added cost — for such a large space, your wallet will definitely notice it is a 10×30 climate controlled storage unit and not your average Joe.


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