Cars come in many shapes and sizes, from tiny hatchbacks little bigger than go-karts to mammoth vans that are essentially small buses.

When it comes to finding car storage for these vehicles, choosing the right size should be a simple process. It’s those car models in between that can be difficult to find the right storage unit size. Can my Honda Civic squeeze into a 10′ x 15′ self-storage unit, or do I need to upgrade to a 10′ x 20′? Will my Ford-F150 truck fit into that cheap 10′ x 20′ parking space, or will I be forced to opt for a more expensive 10′ x 30′ unit?

The Best Storage Units For Cars and Trucks

For nearly all vehicles on the road today, you’ll need either a:

  • 10′ x 15′
  • 10′ x 20′
  • 10′ x 30′

With a length of 11.5 feet, even a subcompact car like the 2017 Fiat 500 would never fit in a 10′ x 10′ unit—so don’t even bother. The only modern car you could fit in a 10′ x 10′ would be the Smart Fortwo, with a length of 8.8 feet. For everything else, keep on reading.

10′ x 15′ car storage

Many subcompact and compact cars can fit in a 10′ x 15′, but there are many that won’t. For example, a 2014 Toyota Corolla is considered a compact car, but with a length of 15.22 feet you’d likely need to move to the next size up. As a general rule of thumb, most two-door cars or hatchbacks should fit in this size storage unit, which spans 150 square feet.

10′ x 20′ car storage

This size storage unit is most similar to that of a one-car garage, which measure on average 12′ x 22′.  That means this size unit should accommodate the majority of vehicles on the road today including SUVs, crossovers, sedans, minivans, and pick ups. Given that it’s still a tad smaller than a one-car garage, you probably won’t have a lot of extra room for small furniture, but you might be able to squeeze in a few personal items as well. This size storage unit covers 200 square feet.

10′ x 30′ car storage

Some vehicles, however just won’t fit in a 10′ x 20′. The next most common size is the 10′ x 30′. This size unit should work for everything else like large cargo vans and super duty trucks with extended cabs and beds. This size unit covers 300 square feet. If a 10′ x 30′ is unavailable, a 10′ x 25′ unit is the next best storage unit size to find.

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Other Options For Car Storage

If you find the price of a drive up storage unit is more than you wanted to pay for vehicle storage, there are a few other options you could consider that might be affordable. Many storage facilities also rent outdoor parking spaces for vehicles. Some outdoor spaces are even covered, which provided additional protection from the elements.

Preparing Your Car For Self-Storage

To be sure your car fits, it is always a good idea to just get a tape measure and see for your self. Remember you’ll want at least a few inches of clearance to make sure your car fits without having to touch the walls of the unit.

Whether you are storing outdoors or inside a unit, you should invest in a high quality car cover to protect your vehicle. While it won’t get rained or snowed on, a car inside a storage unit still might collect dust.

Here are few other things you should do whenever storing a car for an extended period of time:

  • Wash thoroughly and dry completely
  • Change oil and other fluids
  • Store with a full gas tank and add fuel stabilizer
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Protect against rodents by covering air intakes and the exhaust pipe

Car Storage Size Guide

Knowing the amount of space your car requires can go a long way. Overestimate the dimensions of your car and you’ll end up with extra storage space when you could have saved money by renting a smaller unit. Underestimate the amount of space your vehicle requires and you’ll need to change to a more spacious unit–and who knows if the storage facility even has that size available?

In order to help you book the right storage unit for your car, we’ve listed the dimensions of many of the most popular vehicles on the road below:

Browse by Make:
BMWDodgeHyundaiLand RoverMINIScionVolkswagen

ModelYearLength (ft)Width (ft)Height (ft)Recommended Storage Unit
Acura ILX201414.935.884.6310×15
Acura MDX201416.136.435.6310×20
Acura RDX201415.296.145.5110×20
Acura RLX201416.346.24.8110×20
Acura TL201316.176.174.7710×20
Audi A4201415.435.994.6810×20
Audi A5201415.186.084.510×20
Audi A6201416.166.154.8210×20
Audi A7201416.36.274.6610×20
Audi A8201417.286.394.8310×20
Audi Allroad201415.496.044.8310×20
Audi Q5201415.226.235.4210×20
Audi Q7201416.696.515.710×20
Audi RS5201415.256.14.4810×20
Audi RS7201416.446.274.6510×20
Audi TT201413.786.044.4610×15
BMW 3 Series201415.215.944.6910×20
BMW 4 Series201415.225.994.5210×20
BMW 5 Series201416.096.14.810×20
BMW 6 Series201416.076.224.4910×20
BMW 7 Series201416.656.244.8610×20
BMW ActiveHybrid 3201415.215.944.6910×20
BMW ActiveHybrid 5201416.096.14.810×20
BMW M5201416.136.24.7810×20
BMW M6201416.086.234.5110×20
BMW X1201414.715.95.0710×15
BMW X3201415.256.185.4510×20
BMW X62014166.515.5410×20
BMW Z4201413.915.884.2310×15
Buick Enclave201416.836.585.8610×20
Buick Encore201414.035.835.4310×15
Buick LaCrosse201416.416.094.9310×20
Buick Verano201415.335.954.8410×20
Cadillac ATS201415.235.934.6610×20
Cadillac CTS201416.296.024.7710×20
Cadillac CTS-V201415.946.044.7810×20
Cadillac Escalade201416.886.586.3310×20
Cadillac SRX201415.866.275.4810×20
Cadillac XTS201416.836.084.9610×20
Chevrolet Astro200515.826.466.2510×20
Chevrolet Avalanche201318.446.596.3810×30
Chevrolet Aveo200812.735.484.910×15
Chevrolet Blazer200514.785.655.4310×15
Chevrolet Camaro201415.886.294.5210×20
Chevrolet Cavalier200515.085.734.4210×20
Chevrolet Cobalt200815.045.664.6310×20
Chevrolet Colorado200816.035.635.4110×20
Chevrolet Corvette201414.746.164.0710×15
Chevrolet Cruze201415.085.894.8410×20
Chevrolet Equinox201415.656.045.5310×20
Chevrolet Express 1500201418.686.66.9810×30
Chevrolet Express 2500201418.686.66.7910×30
Chevrolet Express 3500201418.686.66.7910×30
Chevrolet HHR200814.685.765.2610×15
Chevrolet Impala201416.786.084.9110×20
Chevrolet Malibu201415.966.084.810×20
Chevrolet Monte Carlo200516.496.034.610×20
Chevrolet Prizm200214.535.564.4810×15
Chevrolet S-10200215.835.665.1710×20
Chevrolet Silverado 1500201417.086.676.1710×20
Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD201418.756.676.4710×30
Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD201418.757.996.4510×30
Chevrolet Sonic201414.435.694.9810×15
Chevrolet Spark201412.065.245.0810×15
Chevrolet Spark EV201412.215.335.2210×15
Chevrolet SS201416.296.234.8310×20
Chevrolet Suburban 1500201418.536.596.410×30
Chevrolet Tahoe201416.836.586.4110×20
Chevrolet TrailBlazer200815.986.236.2910×20
Chevrolet Traverse201416.986.545.8310×20
Chevrolet Uplander200817.036610×20
Chevrolet Venture200215.5865.6210×20
Chevrolet Volt201414.765.874.7210×15
Chrysler 200201415.986.044.8710×20
Chrysler 300201416.556.254.8710×20
Chrysler Aspen200916.846.336.1310×20
Chrysler Crossfire200813.325.794.2910×15
Chrysler Pacifica200816.546.615.6910×20
Chrysler PT Cruiser201014.085.595.2510×15
Chrysler Sebring201016.155.964.8810×20
Chrysler Town & Country201416.96.565.6610×20
Dodge Avenger201416.056.074.8710×20
Dodge Caliber201014.485.735.0310×15
Dodge Challenger201416.486.314.7610×20
Dodge Charger201416.666.254.8710×20
Dodge Dakota201018.216.375.6710×30
Dodge Dart201315.3364.8110×20
Dodge Durango201416.776.325.9110×20
Dodge Grand Caravan201416.96.565.6610×20
Dodge Intrepid200216.986.234.6610×20
Dodge Journey201416.036.025.5510×20
Dodge Magnum200816.486.184.8610×20
Dodge Neon200514.535.624.6710×15
Dodge Nitro201014.916.095.8310×15
Dodge Ram 1500201017.426.626.1210×20
Dodge Ram 2500201019.26.626.1110×30
Dodge Ram 3500201019.28.036.1310×30
Dodge Sprinter Van 3500200819.386.648.9610×30
Dodge SRT4200514.645.624.7110×15
Dodge Stratus200515.935.884.5810×20
Dodge Viper201414.646.374.0910×15
FIAT 500201311.635.344.9810×15
FIAT 500e201311.875.345.0110×15
FIAT 500L201413.935.825.4810×15
Ford C-Max Energi201314.4765.3210×15
Ford Crown Victoria200517.676.524.7310×20
Ford E-150201418.066.626.8710×30
Ford E-350 Super Duty201418.066.626.9810×30
Ford Edge201315.356.335.5810×20
Ford Escape201414.846.035.5310×15
Ford Escort200214.65.624.3610×15
Ford Excursion200218.896.666.4310×30
Ford Expedition201417.216.576.4310×20
Ford Expedition EL201418.446.576.4810×30
Ford Explorer201416.436.585.8710×20
Ford F-150201317.776.66.2310×20
Ford F-250201318.976.666.3810×30
Ford F-350201318.976.666.3810×30
Ford Fiesta201414.475.654.8310×15
Ford Five Hundred200516.736.215.0110×20
Ford Flex201416.826.335.6710×20
Ford Focus201414.885.984.8110×15
Ford Focus ST201414.315.984.8710×15
Ford Freestar200516.756.375.8810×20
Ford Freestyle200516.686.245.6910×20
Ford Fusion201415.986.084.8410×20
Ford Mustang201415.716.164.6510×20
Ford Ranger201015.785.785.5210×20
Ford Taurus201416.916.355.0610×20
Ford Thunderbird200515.5364.3410×20
GMC Acadia201416.736.585.8710×20
GMC Canyon201016.035.635.4610×20
GMC Envoy200815.976.235.9910×20
GMC Jimmy200014.785.655.410×15
GMC Safari200515.826.466.2510×20
GMC Savana201418.686.66.9810×30
GMC Sierra 1500201417.086.676.1710×20
GMC Sierra 2500HD201418.756.676.4710×30
GMC Sierra 3500HD201418.757.996.4510×30
GMC Sonoma200215.885.665.1710×20
GMC Terrain201415.446.075.5310×20
GMC Yukon201416.836.586.4110×20
Honda Accord201415.956.074.8110×20
Honda Civic201314.955.754.7110×15
Honda CR-V201414.865.975.2310×15
Honda CR-Z201313.385.714.5810×15
Honda Crosstour201316.386.235.4810×20
Honda Element201014.165.975.8710×15
Honda Fit201413.55.645.1810×15
Honda Insight201314.365.564.6810×15
Honda Odyssey201416.916.65.710×20
Honda Passport200215.335.875.7210×20
Honda Pilot201315.956.545.8910×20
Honda Prelude200014.835.754.3210×15
Honda Ridgeline201317.246.485.8610×20
Honda S2000200813.525.744.1710×15
Hyundai Accent201313.55.584.7610×15
Hyundai Azera201316.116.14.8310×20
Hyundai Elantra201314.865.834.7110×15
Hyundai Entourage201016.836.515.9610×20
Hyundai Equus201316.936.24.8910×20
Hyundai Genesis201316.366.24.8410×20
Hyundai Genesis Coupe201315.196.124.5410×20
Hyundai Santa Fe201316.096.185.5410×20
Hyundai Sonata201315.826.024.8310×20
Hyundai Tiburon200814.425.784.3710×15
Hyundai Tucson201314.435.985.4310×15
Hyundai Veloster201313.845.884.5910×15
Hyundai Veracruz201015.886.385.7410×20
Hyundai XG350200515.965.994.6610×20
Infiniti Q50201415.695.984.7310×20
Infiniti Q60201415.265.984.5710×20
Infiniti QX50201415.195.925.1610×20
Infiniti QX60201416.376.435.6510×20
Infiniti QX70201415.946.335.4210×20
Infiniti QX80201417.366.666.3210×20
Jaguar F-Type201414.676.314.2510×15
Jaguar XF201316.285.974.7910×20
Jaguar XJ201316.816.224.7510×20
Jaguar XK201415.736.214.3310×20
Jeep Cherokee201415.176.15.4810×20
Jeep Commander200515.716.236.0110×20
Jeep Compass201414.595.955.4210×15
Jeep Grand Cherokee201415.826.385.7810×20
Jeep Liberty200514.746.015.8410×15
Jeep Patriot201414.485.775.4610×15
Jeep Wrangler201413.656.145.9110×15
Kia Amanti200816.416.074.8810×20
Kia Cadenza201416.296.074.6810×20
Kia Forte201414.965.844.7410×15
Kia Optima201315.896.014.7810×20
Kia Rio201314.335.644.7810×15
Kia Rondo200814.925.985.4210×15
Kia Sedona201416.836.515.7810×20
Kia Sephia200014.535.584.6310×15
Kia Sorento201415.376.185.5810×20
Kia Soul201313.525.865.2810×15
Kia Spectra200814.775.694.8310×15
Kia Sportage201314.576.085.3710×15
Land Rover
Land Rover Discovery200215.436.26.3710×20
Land Rover Freelander200514.586.79610×15
Land Rover LR2201314.766.265.7110×15
Land Rover LR3200815.916.286.2110×20
Land Rover LR4201315.846.286.0110×20
Land Rover Range Rover201416.46.516.0310×20
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque201314.296.455.2710×15
Lexus CT201314.185.794.7310×15
Lexus ES201316.065.984.7610×20
Lexus GS201315.896.034.7810×20
Lexus GX201315.776.186.1810×20
Lexus IS201415.315.944.6910×20
Lexus IS-F201315.295.964.6410×20
Lexus LS201316.676.154.8410×20
Lexus LX201316.426.476.1210×20
Lexus RX201315.656.185.5610×20
Lincoln Aviator200516.116.165.9910×20
Lincoln Blackwood200218.356.56.1310×30
Lincoln Continental200217.386.134.6710×20
Lincoln LS200516.196.14.6810×20
Lincoln Mark LT200818.656.586.1310×30
Lincoln MKS201417.016.335.1310×20
Lincoln MKT201417.36.335.6210×20
Lincoln MKX201015.546.325.6110×20
Lincoln MKZ201416.186.124.8510×20
Lincoln Navigator201417.216.576.5310×20
Lincoln Navigator L201418.446.576.5110×30
Lincoln Town Car201017.956.544.9210×20
Mazda 626200215.625.784.5910×20
Mazda B2300200815.635.785.4110×20
Mazda B4000200816.915.865.6310×20
Mazda CX-5201414.896.035.4810×15
Mazda CX-7201215.366.145.410×20
Mazda CX-9201316.686.355.6710×20
Mazda Mazda2201312.965.564.8410×15
Mazda Mazda3201415.035.894.7810×20
Mazda Mazda5201315.045.745.310×20
Mazda Mazda6201415.966.034.7610×20
Mazda Miata201413.115.644.0810×15
Mazda Millenia200215.975.814.5810×20
Mazda MPV200515.796.015.7310×20
Mazda Protege200214.615.594.6310×15
Mazda RX-8201014.635.814.410×15
Mazda Tribute201014.585.935.6610×15
Mercedes-Benz C-Class201415.075.814.6910×20
Mercedes-Benz CL-Class201416.726.144.6510×20
Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class201415.195.834.7210×20
Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class201416.216.184.6510×20
Mercedes-Benz E-Class201416.016.084.8310×20
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class201416.87.036.0710×20
Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class201414.856.195.5810×15
Mercedes-Benz M-Class201415.766.325.8910×20
Mercedes-Benz SL-Class201415.26.884.2710×20
Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class201413.575.964.2710×15
MINI Clubman201412.995.534.6810×15
MINI Countryman201413.485.875.1310×15
MINI Coupe201412.235.534.5310×15
MINI Paceman201413.525.864.9910×15
MINI Roadster201412.235.534.5410×15
Mitsubishi Diamante200216.185.864.4910×20
Mitsubishi Eclipse201215.036.024.4310×20
Mitsubishi Endeavor201015.96.135.810×20
Mitsubishi Galant201215.936.034.7810×20
Mitsubishi Lancer2014155.784.8610×20
Mitsubishi Mirage200214.015.544.4610×15
Mitsubishi Montero200515.856.235.9610×20
Mitsubishi Outlander201415.285.915.5110×20
Mitsubishi Raider200818.215.985.7210×30
Nissan 350Z200814.155.964.3410×15
Nissan 370Z201413.936.054.3210×15
Nissan Altima201415.9664.8310×20
Nissan Armada201317.316.616.4310×20
Nissan Cube201313.065.565.4210×15
Nissan Frontier201317.136.075.7310×20
Nissan GT-R201415.336.224.4910×20
Nissan Juke201313.535.795.1510×15
Nissan LEAF201314.585.815.0810×15
Nissan Maxima201315.886.14.8210×20
Nissan Murano201315.836.185.5810×20
Nissan NV Cargo201320.056.666.9910×30
Nissan Pathfinder201416.436.435.810×20
Nissan Quest201316.736.475.9610×20
Nissan Rogue201315.285.915.4410×20
Nissan Sentra201315.185.784.9110×20
Nissan Titan201318.726.636.2210×30
Nissan Versa201414.625.564.9710×15
Nissan Versa Note201413.645.565.0410×15
Nissan Xterra201314.896.076.2410×15
Porsche 911201314.696.084.2710×15
Porsche Boxster201414.355.914.2110×15
Porsche Cayenne201415.96.365.6210×20
Porsche Cayman201414.375.914.2410×15
Porsche Panamera201416.456.334.6510×20
Saab 9-3201215.245.914.7610×20
Saab 9-3X201215.385.915.0210×20
Saab 9-4X201115.846.255.5110×20
Saab 9-5201116.436.134.8110×20
Scion FR-S201413.895.834.2210×15
Scion iQ201410.015.514.9310×15
Scion tC201414.725.894.6410×15
Scion xA200412.845.565.0210×15
Scion xB201313.945.785.2210×15
Scion xD201412.895.664.9510×15
Smart fortwo20138.845.125.0610×10
Subaru Baja200516.115.845.3510×20
Subaru BRZ201313.895.834.2210×15
Subaru Forester201415.085.895.5310×20
Subaru Impreza201314.485.714.8110×15
Subaru Impreza WRX201414.485.894.8410×15
Subaru Legacy201415.65.984.9410×20
Subaru Legacy201315.65.984.9410×20
Subaru Outback201415.755.985.4810×20
Subaru Tribeca201315.966.165.5310×20
Subaru XV Crosstrek201314.65.845.310×15
Suzuki Aerio200514.285.645.0710×15
Suzuki Equator201217.226.075.7310×20
Suzuki Esteem200013.865.514.4910×15
Suzuki Forenza200514.775.664.7410×15
Suzuki Grand Vitara201314.115.945.5310×15
Suzuki Kizashi201315.265.984.8610×20
Suzuki Reno200514.095.664.7410×15
Suzuki Swift200012.455.224.5610×15
Suzuki SX4201313.575.765.2710×15
Suzuki Verona200515.655.964.7610×20
Suzuki XL-7200515.625.845.6710×20
Toyota 4Runner201315.836.325.9610×20
Toyota Avalon201316.276.024.7910×20
Toyota Camry201415.775.984.8310×20
Toyota Camry Solara200516.045.964.6810×20
Toyota Celica200514.215.694.2810×15
Toyota Corolla201415.225.834.7810×20
Toyota Echo200213.65.454.9510×15
Toyota FJ Cruiser201415.336.255.9410×20
Toyota Highlander201315.76.275.6810×20
Toyota Land Cruiser201416.246.476.1710×20
Toyota Matrix201314.335.795.0810×15
Toyota MR2 Spyder200512.755.564.0710×15
Toyota Prius201415.145.835.1710×20
Toyota RAV4201314.996.055.4510×15
Toyota Sequoia201317.096.666.4210×20
Toyota Sienna201416.686.525.7410×20
Toyota Tacoma201315.876.025.4810×20
Toyota Tundra201419.086.666.3210×30
Toyota Venza201415.756.255.2810×20
Toyota Yaris201412.785.564.9510×15
Volkswagen Beetle201414.035.934.8810×15
Volkswagen Cabrio200213.375.564.6710×15
Volkswagen CC201415.746.084.6510×20
Volkswagen Eos201414.515.884.7310×15
Volkswagen EuroVan200215.716.036.3710×20
Volkswagen GLI200814.945.844.7810×15
Volkswagen Golf201413.785.864.8510×15
Volkswagen GTI201413.835.834.8210×15
Volkswagen Jetta201415.185.834.7710×20
Volkswagen Passat201415.976.024.8810×20
Volkswagen Phaeton200516.986.244.7610×20
Volkswagen R32200813.935.774.8110×15
Volkswagen Rabbit200513.825.784.8510×15
Volkswagen Routan201016.886.415.7410×20
Volkswagen Tiguan201414.545.935.4710×15
Volkswagen Touareg201415.736.375.6810×20
Volvo C30201313.955.854.7510×15
Volvo C70201315.146.034.5910×20
Volvo S60201415.186.124.8710×20
Volvo S80201415.926.164.910×20
Volvo XC60201415.186.25.6210×20
Volvo XC90201415.786.355.8510×20

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Car Storage

Can a car fit in a 10x10 storage unit?

No, most compact cars require a 10' x 15' storage unit. Even some cars considered compact, like a 4-door Honda Civic, are slightly longer than 15 feet and would require a 10' x 20' storage unit.

Do I need proof of insurance and vehicle registration?

Yes, you will need to provide proof of insurance and valid vehicle registration when you put your car in a storage unit. Most storage facilities also require that the car is drivable when you put it in storage.

How much does it cost to store a car?

Since most cars will fit into a 10' x 15' or a 10' x 20' storage unit, the average cost per month can range from $130-$200. The biggest factor in the cost is the type of unit; indoor and enclosed units will cost more, while outdoor units are cheaper.