Whether you’re in an apartment, condominium, or house, messiness happens. One thing leads to another (dirty dishes, unwashed counter tops, dirty carpets) and you feel overwhelmed by the amount of household chores piling up.

The best way to tackle this is to know how to increase storage space in your home. You’ll feel more confident and satisfied in an orderly

1. Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Donate, sell, or toss any unwanted items to clear up room in your closet or bedrooms. Take time out of your day to go through your old items. Sort them into three piles according to their purpose. Drop off your belongings at a donation center to receive a tax write-off.

You can even try selling certain items online or through a garage sale to earn money back. If you feel no one else could benefit from certain items, then it is perfectly okay to throw it away or recycle it.

2. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

This is especially true if you don’t have much room in your living space. Rooms can be small and cramped. If this is the case, simply add some vertical shelving units to hold more items.

Many people neglect this spot or don’t know how to utilize it. Adding vertical storage space allows for more shelving which clears up your floors and counter tops.

3. Install Custom Closets

For those who have small closets, a custom closet can add additional room for clothes, ties, or other accessories. There are many benefits to custom closets in a home.

Not only will you have more space, but you can express your style with various décor. LED lighting, shoe shelves, built-in laundry hamper, or even a built-in watch/jewelry case are just some customizable features to choose from. The options for your closet are ultimately limitless. You’ll feel more coordinated and happier with your clean bedroom.

4. Use an Off-Site Facility

Don’t be afraid to pay for an off-site storage facility for extra space either. One of the best advantages to these storage lockers is that they come in various sizes. Whether you need to store a couple pieces of furniture or a vehicle, you can find a storage facility to suit your needs. You can even use an indoor facility for added protection against theft and weather.

5. Clean Up

Finally, clean up. Even a simple tidying up around the house will make more room. Reorganize your living space for a cleaner, more inviting atmosphere. One easy way to do that is to buy some storage bins. You can store toys, digital entertainment, food, toiletries, office supplies, or other cluttered items. Be sure to add multiple bins for different rooms to keep each room uniquely organized.