When people think about storage units, the 10×10 often comes to mind. Why does this size win hearts? Simply put, it hits a sweet spot. You can stow away your home treasures or declutter during a house spruce-up.

To paint a clearer picture, we will now be going over the specifics of the 10×10 storage unit, from its size to its capacity, and we’ll see how it stacks up to other options. Perhaps you can save money by downsizing or, on the contrary, need to step it up to a 10×15 storage unit to comfortably accommodate all your possessions.

How Big Is a 10×10 Storage Unit?

A 10×10 storage unit feels quite a bit roomier than you might imagine, much like stepping into an average bedroom. As you look around, you realize there is ample space to move around, maybe even dance if you’re feeling like it! That’s the kind of space we are talking about with a 10×10 storage unit. It’s just as spacious as half of a standard garage.

Square footage-wise, you are looking at 100 square feet of floor space. Considering the usual height of storage units (8 feet), the volume you deal with is a respectable 800 cubic feet. And yes, maximizing this space is all about how well you play the stacking game. Let’s see what you can fit into it.

What Can Fit in a 10×10 Storage Unit?

Now that we know how big it is, let’s figure out what treasures we can actually stow in a 10×10 storage unit. Sometimes it’s about decluttering, other times it’s about ensuring your items have a safe space during life transitions. A 10×10 is a suitable storage space for:

  • Sofas and loveseats
  • Mattresses and bed frames
  • Dressers and night stands
  • Book shelves
  • Coffee tables
  • Washer/dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Ranges and ovens
  • Motorcycles and small trailers

First up, furniture. Yes, from your cozy sofa that has been witness to countless movie nights to your beloved coffee table, they can all fit in this unit comfortably. So can the bookshelves that have cradled your book collection and those matching chairs you are particularly proud of.

Thinking about bedroom items? Two full bedrooms’ worth can be stored away. That means the mattress (queen or king!) where you’ve counted sheep, dressers that hold your wardrobe and even the nightstands where your alarm clock (or smartphone) annoyingly rings every morning.

Moving on to appliances, a 10×10 offers ample room for your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer and oven.  

When it comes to vehicles, know that a motorcycle can snugly nestle in. You’ve got a small trailer? We bet it has been super handy for those weekend trips, transporting equipment or even acting as a makeshift mobile storage. During the times you’re not using it, the 10×10 storage unit is a fitting spot to park it.

How Many Boxes Fit in a 10×10 Storage Unit?

Packing up can lead to a pile of boxes, and figuring out how many fit in a 10×10 space is a practical concern. Let’s break this down by taking a quick glance at standard moving box sizes:

  • Small boxes: A good size for records, books or small kitchen gadgets.
  • Medium boxes: Roomy enough for towels, decorative items or even clothing.
  • Large boxes: Suitable for items like bedding, curtains and some kitchen appliances.
  • Extra-large boxes: Think comforters, large pillows and sports gear.

Now, using just medium-sized boxes, a 10×10 unit can accommodate close to 100. However, once you account for other possessions like furniture or bedroom sets, you are realistically looking at space for around 50-60 medium boxes.

Can a 10×10 Storage Unit Hold a Car?

Thinking about tucking your car into a 10×10 unit? It’s a tight squeeze unless you own a compact-sized car. While most compact models generally need around 15 feet in length, trucks and SUVs stretch out even more, requiring at least 20 feet.

Simply put, a 10×10 storage unit isn’t spacious enough for most cars, even the petite ones. However, smaller rides like ATVs, snowmobiles or motorcycles can. Plus, you will still have a nook or cranny left for those extra items you don’t reach for every day.

Is 10×10 Big Enough for a Bedroom?

You bet! Imagine lifting your bedroom and placing it into a 10×10 storage unit. That’s pretty much the space we’re talking about. You could easily fit a bed (from your cozy twin to that plush queen-sized), dressers, a couple of nightstands and those personal touches like lamps and your favorite throw pillows.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need for a Two-Bedroom Apartment?

For a two-bedroom apartment, there’s a bit more to consider. Besides the bedroom basics, you’ve got all those pieces that make your living area feel like home.

A 10×10 storage unit is usually up to the task for most two-bedroom places. But if your apartment feels more like a sprawling suite or you have a soft spot for oversized furniture, you might want to think about getting a bigger unit.

Quick tip: Before you jump in, jot down an inventory of your items. Knowing exactly what you are storing — from furniture and appliances to stackable boxes — can make the whole process smoother and ensures you pick just the right spot for your stuff.

Are 10×10 Storage Units Climate Controlled?

Ah, the ever-essential question of climate control! Not every 10×10 storage unit will have it, but it’s becoming a pretty standard feature in many modern storage facilities. The catch? Whether or not it’s available might hinge on the specific facility or even the region you are in — places with wild temperature swings usually see a lot more demand for 10×10 climate-controlled storage.

So, why the fuss about climate control? Imagine storing your favorite wooden coffee table or that leather jacket you spent way too much on. Without a stable environment, wood can get all wonky and leather might start looking like it’s seen better days. And those old-school vinyl records or your stash of first-edition books? Humidity is their nemesis.

On the financial side, while climate-controlled units are a bit pricier due to the tech and maintenance involved, think of it as insurance for your more delicate items. If you are planning to store stuff that’s close to your heart (or wallet) for an extended period, it could be a worthy splurge.

How To Pack a 10×10 Storage Unit

So, you’ve got a 10×10 storage unit and wondering how to fit everything in? Begin with the big stuff, like your fridge, couch or bed frame. Position them against the walls, but here’s a trick: keep about an inch gap between your stuff and the wall. It helps the air circulate.

After you’ve set your bulky items, bring in the medium to smaller items — lamps, books or your sneaker collection. Oh, and if you have boxes, they are your best friend! They stack nicely and keep things organized. Just make sure to label them so you can find your stuff when you need it.

Keep in mind not to place weighty things atop delicate furniture or electronics. Do you think your sofa is sturdy enough to take anything? Think again. Weighty items can leave some unsightly dents in the cushions and you could even notice color changes. Best to avoid that by not stacking anything on top of your sofa.

What Size Moving Truck for a 10×10 Storage Unit?

Alright, let’s talk moving trucks. Transferring stuff to a 10×10 unit? A 15ft truck seems to be the sweet spot. U-Haul says it is ideal for the contents of a one- or two-bedroom apartment. It is spacious enough to handle hefty furniture, your washer, dryer or that comfy king-size mattress. But remember, truck descriptions can sometimes sound like another language. If in doubt, give the rental place a call to confirm.