What Can You Fit Inside of a 5×5 Storage Unit?

Andreea Draguleasa
October 9, 2023
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Ready to clear some space or stash away a few belongings?

A 5×5 storage unit might just be your answer. It’s a popular pick, but what exactly can you fit inside? And what about the specifics like climate control? Let’s unpack those questions and get you the details you’re after.

How Big Is a 5×5 Storage Unit?

If you’ve ever opened a hall closet or stepped into a half bathroom, you’ve already got a sense of the size of a 5×5 storage unit. Let’s break down the details:

A Familiar Comparison

A 5×5 storage unit strikes a resemblance to a small walk-in closet, where you tuck away winter coats or those shoes you swear to wear next summer. It is cozy, but still roomy enough for those odds and ends that don’t quite have a place elsewhere in your home.

By the Numbers

This storage unit measures five feet by five feet, for a total of 25 square feet. But let’s talk volume. Consider the average height of storage units as eight feet from floor to ceiling, which means a 5×5 storage unit offers a roomy 200 cubic feet. Making the most out of this space highly depends on your organizational skills.

What Really Fits in a 5×5 Storage Unit?

While this isn’t the place to move your entire home into, it’s versatile. From a dresser to several boxes with children’s toys — it will hold more than you might initially think. Consider using it for seasonal decorations, gardening tools for those of you with a green thumb or camping gear you use for occasional wilderness escapes. For urbanites in tight downtown apartments, this can also be an extended closet for off-season wear or sports equipment.

Putting Common Household Items in a 5×5 Storage Unit

Stashing away a mattress and curious if it’ll fit into that 5×5 unit? Maybe you have a bunch of boxes and are trying to figure out the most cost-effective storage solution or you don’t know if your appliances will pass the squeeze test in a 5×5 storage unit. Look no further.

Will a Queen Mattress Fit in a 5×5 Storage Unit?

Given its dimensions of approximately 5 x 6.66 feet, it won’t lie flat. Technically, it could stand upright given the unit’s height. But here’s the catch: mattresses are best stored laid flat. Storing them upright, especially the comfy memory foam ones, might lead to some unwanted changes in their shape over time. However, if you are storing just for a month or two then you might be alright. 

Your best bet? Bump up to the next unit size available and lay the queen mattress flat, free from any pressing burdens. Worried about higher prices? Check our updated info on storage unit costs and see what else you could store in that unit to make it even more worth it.

Can a King Size Bed Fit in a 5×5 Storage Unit?

Well, if you couldn’t fit a queen mattress properly, a king one stands no chance, as it typically measures around 6.33 x 6.66 feet. The good news is you can at least disassemble the bed frame to fit. Store slats and rails together, and don’t forget to secure screws and bolts in a labeled zip-lock bag.

How Many Boxes Can Fit in a 5×5 Storage Unit?

For large moving boxes (18”x18”x 24”), you are looking at fitting in approximately 15-20 in a 5×5 storage unit, depending on your stacking prowess and whether you include a small aisle in the middle to easily access them. 

Can a Washer and Dryer Fit in a 5×5 Storage Unit?

Your standard washer comes in around 27 inches wide with a depth of about 30 inches. Dryers, meanwhile, might be a smidge bigger. You can tuck any of these into a 5×5 space, noting that they need some wiggle room, especially for cords and hoses. However, if you want to fit both a washer and a dryer into a 5×5 storage unit, then they must be stackable.

Before locking them away, ensure they are neat, tidy and dried out to stave off any mold concerns. Additionally:

  • Seek a climate-controlled environment to dodge rust, mold and unwelcome condensation.
  • Elevate them, maybe with pallets, to avoid any sneaky ground moisture.
  • Cover them with materials that breathe so you wave goodbye to dust but don’t trap moisture.
  • Crack the doors open just a touch for that fresh airflow.
  • Avoid placing heavy items on top of the machines, which can cause dents or damage.
  • Set them up towards the back of your unit for safety and easy access to other smaller items later.

Pro tip: Always keep a tape measure close. Knowing your item sizes can save you a lot of hassle when playing storage Tetris.

Make the Most of Your 5×5 Storage Unit

So, you’ve got the basics down, but there are still a few nagging questions about that 5×5 storage unit, right? Climate control nuances, packing tactics — let’s set the record straight on those as well.

Are 5×5 Storage Units Climate Controlled?

Sure thing! However, while 5×5 climate-controlled storage units are not hard to find, remember there is a distinction between just being cooled and full climate control, which includes both heating, cooling and humidity regulation. 

Items benefiting from 5×5 climate-controlled storage:

  • Books, documents and photographs: Moisture’s sneak attack can lead to mold growth, threatening your cherished memories and crucial papers. They deserve a stable environment.
  • Electronics: Those high-tech gadgets? They are sensitive souls. Humidity and temperature shifts can really mess with their internal components.
  • Artwork: Art, whether it’s an heirloom piece or a budding masterpiece, is vulnerable to temperature fluctuations that might warp or fade it.
  • Textiles: That beloved vintage dress or grandma’s quilt? They despise musty smells and degradation.
  • Wooden furniture and musical instruments: Wood, whether it’s your favorite chair or your cherished guitar, can expand or contract with fluctuating conditions. For instruments, this means both structural and sound quality could be compromised.

Key takeaway: When selecting your unit, ensure you know the type of climate control provided to best protect your stored items.

How to Pack a 5×5 Storage Unit

Packing and organizing a small space like a 5×5 storage unit is all about strategy, as you might be tempted to just cram stuff into it. The key is to strategically position frequently used items. Think you’ll be grabbing that camping gear or those winter boots more often? Slide them closer to the door. It will save you from playing a game of storage Jenga every time you swing by.

Some extra tips you might find particularly useful for your 5×5 storage unit:

  • Go vertical and maximize that height. Use stackable containers and don’t forget to put heavy ones at the bottom.
  • Using temporary shelving units can be a space-saver. Most storage facilities forbid nails and screws, but you can still use free-standing shelves or hang textiles and light items on Command hooks.
  • Remember to label everything and save future you from a guessing game.
  • Protect fragile items with bubble wrap, newspaper or even soft bedding.

Is a 5×5 Storage Unit Right for You?

So, you are thinking about renting a 5×5 storage unit. At first, it might seem too compact, but once you start organizing, it’s kind of impressive. You’ve got space for those Christmas lights, your weekend camping stuff and even that growing collection of hats. It comes down to clever packing, really. And the best part? As you shuffle things into the unit, you can watch your home breathe a little easier.

Still not sure what to choose? Consult our guide on picking the right storage unit size to help put everything in perspective.


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