Early this morning, SpareFeet awoke to a mass team email with the above image. That’s right–one of our own, Albert Hood, had the Expendables-like courage to actually get the SpareFoot logo shaved on the back of his head. This sort of brave passion and dedication shows just how awesome and creative our employees are, and why SpareFoot continues to be one of the best places to work, ever. PS: we’re hiring!

“I finally have something worthy of putting on the back of my head,” he said modestly.

Albert, who originally planned to do something similar for the Austin Startup Games, said that he was initially worried that passersby would mistake the symbol for a gang sign, but is happy that people like it. This is yet another way our customer experience team goes above and beyond–sacrificing their bodies for the overall good of the company.

“I asked the barber to copy the logo on my SpareFoot jacket,” said Albert. “But I was tired and actually fell asleep while he was doing it. He told me he was going to make it detailed…I just didn’t know that he would make it this big.”

Big is how we like to do it at SpareFoot, from winning the Austin Startup Games to our scandalous pin-up storage calendar to our sweet upcoming unofficial SXSW Interactive party. If you see Albert’s magnificent head out and about, go ahead and say hello, or do it the SpareFoot way: a loud and booming “SPAREFOOOOOOOT.” It’s not a mating call, but it comes close enough.

  • http://twitter.com/Lucky13X Lucky13X

    Damn. You turned our quick chat into all that? You’re very, very good.

    • Jenny Zhang

      Thanks Albert :) The world needs to appreciate your glorious ‘do!