If your office is anything like our office, you were probably a little afraid of coming into work today. Not because it’s Halloween (it’s Halloween?!), but because we had no idea what costumes the dark and twisted minds of our colleagues were going to come up with. Sure enough, SpareFeet did not disappoint.

We are SpareFoot. We bid you welcome…

Lobster Jesus (Craig Barrett) and Wednesday Addams (Itzett Romero), our Paid Media Team. A typical day in the life.
Meet our illustrious Customer Experience Team. Enter at your own risk.
Chef Ari + Andres
Our lovable and talented chefs Andres and Ari!
Client Relations
Client Relations forgot to wear costumes.
Zach Bird as a roller derby girl named “Miss Behavior.” Meow.
ElenaJenelleErin-Jem Girls
Elena Savastano, Jenelle Cottriel and Erin Fitzer as the Misfits from “Jem and the Holograms.” Do they dazzle you?
Lovely Rachel Greenfield as fall leaves, or the living vision of an Alexander McQueen design.
“I’m a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else.”
Mental note: Go to Juan Torres after ingesting a pound of candy to party off the pounds.
The real star of this picture is Penny, Jeanette DeHay’s adorable (and delicious) burger pup!
Zorro, or as we like to call him, Steeeeeeeve (aka Jeffrey Cherewaty).
marketing (1)
Marketing bids you adieu.

From all of us here at SpareFoot, Happy Halloween! May your bellies be full of sweets and your brains be full of spooky spirits.

  • Lucky13X

    Best ones, the hamburglar dog, Rosie the Riverter(man) and that tramp(male) in CET.