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Storage & Moving Tips

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How to Avoid 5 Common Moving Mistakes Moving Tips

moving truck

In 2012, about 36 million Americans moved, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Think about it: That’s close to the number of people who live in California. With that many folks on the move—whether it’s across town or across the country—it’s a safe bet that millions of questions are rattling around the brains of the Read more

Social Media: 13 Must-Know Statistics from 2013 Facts & Figures


With the multitude of social media channels available and the growing need to create content at scale to fuel these networks, it’s important to have actionable data to help better focus your social media marketing efforts. Take these 13 must-know social media statistics about SlideShare, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, LinkedIn and Google+ into Read more

Gearing Up: A Look at College Football Equipment Facts & Figures


Every week in the fall, thousands of football players trot onto the turf at college stadiums across the country. With pride, these players wear uniforms emblazoned with the colors and emblems of their schools. As they watch the action from the stands and on TV, most college football fans undoubtedly give little thought to the Read more

Avoiding Humidity Damage in a Storage Unit Storage Tips


Whether we like it or not, we are at the mercy of the forces of nature. This can spell bad news for those putting valuable items in storage, especially in areas where temperatures and humidity levels vary widely. We’ve provided some tips that will help ensure your stored items stay in good condition, no matter Read more

Negotiating Self-Storage Rates Storage Tips


Negotiation is a skill that Americans rarely get to utilize. Try as you might, haggling doesn’t really work in retail stores— prices are fixed and the employee taking payment typically has no control over those prices. The primary negotiating experience we deal with is buying a car or a house. But in some cases, you Read more

Maximizing Storage Space Storage Tips


To ensure all of your belongings fit comfortably and safely in your self-storage unit, consider our recommendations for maximizing storage space: Planning Maximizing storage space takes a little planning. Like we mentioned in our Choosing Storage Unit Size article, you should write out an inventory of your items, grouping together those that will be stored together. Next, draw Read more

15 Fantastic Reasons to Clear Out the Clutter at Home Facts & Figures


Organizational design expert and TV personality Peter Walsh divides clutter into two types: lazy clutter and memory clutter. Lazy clutter, he says, “is all the stuff that accumulates out of negligence over time.” That stuff includes unopened junk mail, old magazines and unwanted gifts. Bottom line: It’s trash. Meanwhile, Walsh says, memory clutter “reminds us Read more