All kinds of beloved TV series showcase the roommate life going swimmingly and everyone becoming best friends. But, in reality, that isn’t always how it works. In fact, living together can go so far as tearing best friends apart!

There comes a time in almost everyone’s life when you would be better off experiencing the joys of living in your very own space instead of sharing it with others. But how can you tell when it’s time to make that bold move? If you are still on the fence, here are five signs that could be screaming: “Now’s the time to move out!”

1. When “Sharing” the Workload Becomes Pretty One-Sided.

While we were growing up, our mothers told us: “If you live in this house, you work in this house.” Yet somehow, that doesn’t always seem to be the case among roommates.

If you have found that recently, housekeeping has been on you, it is time to have a little talk. If you’ve already tried that, multiple times, this could be a good indicator that a place of your own would suit you better.

Or, you might be on the other side of this coin, constantly being nagged by your roommate(s) to clean up after yourself or take turns cleaning the bathroom. What they don’t realize is that you have a busy schedule! In your own place, you can keep the house as clean or dirty as you like.

2. When You Stop Spending Time in the Common Areas to Take More Time For Yourself.

Noticed that you get exhausted at the thought of going into the kitchen and being forced into more human interaction at the end of the day? Feeling like you want to sneak through the house to get some time for yourself?

One of the primary benefits of living with roommates is having other people to live with. If you don’t want to take advantage of that social camaraderie anymore, or don’t have the patience to put up with them, it is probably better for both parties to switch things up.

3. When Romantic Partners Complicate Things.

Sometimes, as life happens, people find their other half. Having that person around when loads of other people are around can feel awkward and stilted. When romantic partners are around consistently, it can even start to complicate your position in the living space.

A place of your own, however? That gives you the time and space for all the privacy you could want.

4. When You Are Tired of Conflicting Schedules and Lifestyles.

The truth is that some people are just not very suited to living together. For example, your morning might be your roomie’s bedtime, meaning you have to sneak around the house while getting ready. Or, you could find yourself having to wait in line to use the bathroom. If these scenarios—and others—are familiar and annoying, you are probably better suited to a different living situation.

5. When You Have Always (or Never) Wanted a Pet.

There are different kinds of companions. While having people around can be great, some people find it easier to interact with animals. Maybe you have always wanted a pet and your roommates are allergic or uninterested. Perhaps you are on the other side and might be the one that is allergic and was ignored or just doesn’t like being covered in dog hair all the time. That is another excellent reason to leave. Either way, getting a place of your own leaves you unencumbered by someone else’s preferences.

Abandon Ship!

Whether or not you suit all of the above criteria if you believe the time is right to go on your own, take advantage of it. Getting your own place can be freeing and doesn’t have to be permanent if the idea scares you. You can even put some of your things in a storage unit until you find the right place.

Living alone can seem like a scary option for those of us who have gone from living with our families to a college dormitory to residing with roommates. It teaches you more about yourself, even if that ends up being how much you actually value those messy roommates.

Amanda Williams