Have you noticed our new-ish look? We want to take a minute to tell you about the recent blog redesign. With a little help from Tri and Rachel, senior developer and designer Jeffrey Cherewaty overhauled this very blog’s look and feel. I chatted with the O.G. SpareFooter – our third employee – to learn the inspiration behind the sleek renovation.

John: So what’s up with this blog redesign?

Jeffrey: Our blog has really reflected our growth as a startup. We started out with something kind of raw, and over time we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. In our redesign, we tried to update the look to match how we’ve evolved the brand. Visually, we used fewer gradients and drop shadows, incorporated the latest thinking in web fonts, and boiled our iconic tape measure motif down to its simplest form. I think the end result is a more timeless look that is unquestionably modern without resorting to trite “Web 2.0” techniques.

John: Nice, and what would you say was your main goal?

Jeffrey: Our central design goal was to provide a great reading experience on all web-enabled devices. The layout is responsive— the elements on the page shift around and resize according to the size of your screen. We want our content to be accessible and legible on phones, tablets, desktops, and new devices we don’t even know about yet. Going with a responsive design lets the content take center stage.

With more and more of our readership accessing the web via mobile devices and tablets, I think it was definitely wise to incorporate a responsive design. Although I am biased, I have to admit that the new layout looks awesome, both on my desktop computer and on my phone. Great work, Jeffrey!