At home, Dax is extremely close with his two feline brothers, Cyrano and Romeo. Whenever we’re fortunate enough to have him around the SpareFoot office, Dax also nuzzles up to us, simultaneously lowering productivity and raising morale. Operations Manager Erin found this charming Husky/Retriever at the Bastrop Animal Shelter in 2011, and has enjoyed parenting ever since.

In the early days, Erin recalled, “Dax had an infection that caused him to urinate all the time, so I called him The Piddler.” Despite being only one year and nine months old now, Dax has distinguished salt and pepper fur and pronounced dark lining around his eyes, which Erin thinks makes him look like Cleopatra.

Dax does not particularly enjoy summer leisure activities; he’s not a big swimmer and he hates sunbathing. He’s also not a big fan of doggy toys, but will play with toys if another dog insists. That being said, if his playmate loses interest in the toy, Dax is quick to follow suit. He sounds like an exceptionally smart dog to me.

According to Erin, Dax enjoys Doggy Day Care, kissing his roommate Teddy, and getting into trouble with his mischievous sister Ali, a Pitbull/Lab mix. Erin recently received a call  from a worried neighbor, who found Dax and Ali frolicking on the MoPac Expressway. It goes without saying that young Dax is as much a daredevil as he is sweet and cuddly.

Recently, Dax’s adventures frighteningly brought him to the intensive care unit. He got his jaws into the medicine cabinet, ingested some prescription pills, and subsequently had to be taken to the doggy hospital. But he was a trooper in there, and if you saw him today, you’d never know he had a recent brush with death. We’re relieved that Dax will continue to join us in the office, where his relaxed and elegant demeanor is always welcome.