SpareFoot is dedicated to supporting our clients and building a sense of community. That’s why we recently created the @MySpareFoot Twitter account. We know what you’re thinking: Another company jumping on the Twitter bandwagon? Hear us out…

Why Twitter?
Twitter is a quick way to communicate with your favorite companies and friends online. It now syncs with our Client Relations platform, making it easy for us to connect with you (and vice versa) to share news and provide support.

We want to use every channel that enables our clients to reach us. With the new @MySpareFoot Twitter account, our Client Relations Team is more accessible than ever for you.

What’s In It For You?
No one likes getting flooded with emails. That’s why we’ll be using @MySpareFoot to post short updates, announcements and more without filling up your inbox all the time. Here’s what you’ll find in some of our tweets:

  • New product and feature roll-outs.

  • Bug reports—this includes updates on known issues with our products and announcements if something goes down, for instance.

  • Helpful hints and tips so you can get more out of your SpareFoot experience.

  • Relevant informative or educational articles we find around the web.

The best part: You don’t need a Twitter account to benefit from the @MySpareFoot Twitter—just visit the page to see all our tweets. Add this to your bookmarks and check it as often as you’d like to stay informed.

Interact With Us
With a Twitter account, you can tweet @MySpareFoot with any questions or feedback anytime. This easy guide explains how.

For more guidance on using Twitter, check out these helpful articles on best practices, increasing engagement and all-around domination of Twitter.


Who’s Behind This?
Our @MySpareFoot Twitter is run by your friend Emma Nostrand from our Client Relations Team. She’s one of the same helpful pros you talk to when you call or email SpareFoot support. She previously was not a Twitter user herself, so she’s new to this, too!

“I’m really #excited to add Twitter as a channel for SpareFoot! It’s important to us that we keep communication completely open with our clients, and Twitter provides a unique medium for quick, timely, bi-directional communication,” she said. “We are sure that clients will love the tips, tricks and information we’ll be tweeting, so we’re planning to make the @MySpareFoot Twitter feed a staple of our new and improved Client Support Portal, which we plan to release early next year.”

You can expect the questions you submit to us on Twitter to be answered within the same super-quick response time as the emails you send to When your issue is resolved, we’ll reply back on Twitter and also send an email to confirm.

We would love for you to interact with us on Twitter—it’s a great opportunity for you to get a sneak peek at new products and features.

Want to follow some more friends on Twitter? Keep up with all the crazy happenings around the SpareFoot office on our main Twitter account, @SpareFoot. You also can follow our blog partner at @SelfStorageInc.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Leave us a comment below or just send a tweet to @MySpareFoot.