The 10 Best Neighborhood in Anchorage, AK

Anchorage is an incredible community to be a part of, as many of those looking to move into the area know. This city, the most populous in Alaska, is home to 40 percent of the state’s population. This, of course, means there are plenty of individual neighborhoods and stunning communities throughout it.

The city itself is in the south central portion of the state. It’s on the peninsula and spans more than 1,961 square miles, making it one of the largest cities in terms of real estate as well. Some areas are much more remote than others. Some have a true urban feel to them. For those planning to move to Anchorage, it pays to get to know the layout of the land and the best neighborhoods to call your own. These are the top communities in Anchorage:

1. South Addition

South Addition is home to a number of larger properties. Most of this community was built in the 1940’s. Some were built to house the Army while others were built later on as some of the larger parcels of land were divided. Today, you will find a beautiful community that’s home to numerous mid-century homes, parks, and smaller businesses. This neighborhood has a high livability score mainly due to a strong housing market, lower cost of living, and numerous jobs located within it. Still, it has great schools and many walkable streets, making it a fantastic place to live for those looking for suburban charm.

2. Huffman O’Malley

This uniquely named neighborhood in Anchorage is a moderately sized location with about 15,000 people calling it home. Home values here tend to be a bit higher as the community is more affluent. As of September of 2017, the median home value was over $397,000. Home styles range widely but moderately-sized lots are common. There are various developments here in a mostly residential setting. However, the Huffman O’Malley neighborhood is near to area shopping, parks, and lots of fantastic restaurants. The area does have a significant amount of vacationers, but it is truly a natural setting.

3. Hillside

Hillside is another neighborhood well loved in the Anchorage area. This community does see a significant amount of tourism due to its location, but, as its name implies, there are a few hills here that help to create a bit more privacy. Hillside is known for its views especially those at sunset. The area has a lot of wildlife, and, the larger yards make it more likely that homeowners will see many of those animals present. The neighborhood has good schools and plenty of green space. It has grown in recent years, with new homes that have added to the congestion in the city center, but the area is a popular place to buy a home for overall affordability.

4. Rabbit Creek

The community of Rabbit Creek is a bit up high, which creates some impressive views from most homes. It is in the area that includes Bear Valley and Potters Marsh, just to the south of the downtown area of Anchorage. The homes here are larger and have expansive property. It is home to Goldenview Middle School and Bear Valley Elementary. Because the homes are larger and many sit on larger parcels of land, the homes for sale in Rabbit Creek are priced a bit higher, sometimes over $1.2 million. They tend to have 4,000 or more square feet at their largest.

5. Rogers Park

Rogers Park is a nice location because of just how close it is to the surrounding amenities. It is within a short commute to area businesses (great for those planning to commute into the heart of Anchorage) and it is within minutes of area schools, shops, and entertainment. There are apartments and duplexes here, but many neighborhoods have smaller homes on moderately sized lots. It’s located in the mid-Anchorage area, which means it is close to Rogers Park and Tudor Elementary School. Single family homes vary in size and price here with home prices around $500,000.

6. Turnagain

Located in the West Anchorage area, Turnagain is a fantastic, smaller neighborhood. It provides homeowners with views of Knik Arm. It is home to Earthquake Park, an area that was once home to over 70 homes lost after a significant earthquake in the 1960s. However, the homes here today are very stable and many are newer. It is home to Lake Hood and West Anchorage High School. It’s easy to love living here being this close to the Ten Stevens International Airport and near Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.

7. Bayshore

Bayshore is an area that is pretty well known to those who have lived in Anchorage. It is a moderately sized community with a wide range of home styles throughout it. There is a homeowners association here. One of the nicer features is that the landscaping and overall maintenance of the homes here is very high. Bayshore is mostly residential, but it does have access to the Bayshore Clubhouse and many homes have views of the Turnagain Arm and the mountains.

8. Downtown Anchorage

It’s possible to find a beautiful home in the heart of Downtown Anchorage. Single family homes – even a number of very large homes – are available here. There are newer condos here including a few high rise developments. Because it is on the Knik Arm, there are some fantastic reasons to live here. The water is right at your fingertips and still, it feels like a true urban city center. It’s home to Government Hill and Inlet View for schools. The amount of green space and access to city life amenities really makes living in the Downtown Anchorage area an ideal choice.

9. Sand Lake

This community has several smaller developments within it including Delong Landing, Caravelle, and Westpark. The area itself is just to the south of the airport. It is a very tight-knit community. The homes here range in size and style, but finding a single family home, condo, or duplex is easy to do. It’s excellent for its access to Kincaid Park and various lakes. The community is home to Sand Lake Elementary Schools and Dimond High School. Some of the homes for sale in this area top $1 million, but other, more affordable properties exist as well.

10. College Gate

Tucked along the eastern area of the city, College Gate homes are fantastic single family properties. There are several developments here including Russian Jack, Nunaka Valley, and Baxter, but each is a part of a cohesive space. You’ll find a large softball complex here, as well as Providence Hospital, the University of Alaska Anchorage, and East Anchorage High School. This area is also home to numerous older homes, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a historical home or a home to restore. Still, the other homes are moderately sized. Home prices range significantly but tend to be between $500,000 and $650,000. It’s a welcoming community with plenty of homes listed for sale.

These are the top neighborhoods in Anchorage, each with homes available for sale. Each area of this city is a bit different, but many offer outstanding amenities, easy to access schools, and quality entertainment, shopping, and dining close by. Anchorage continues to see a thriving real estate market, right alongside its growing industries and tourism as well.

Ryan Tollefsen