With moving day approaching, you may be wondering what the best way to pack a lot of shoes is. After all, you don’t want to mix dressy heels or loafers with dirty winter boots. Read the following organizing hacks to learn how to pack your shoes for moving.

Sort Shoes

Sort through your shoe collection and separate your shoes into categories, such as dress, work, athletic and boots. Decide which shoes you can donate to charity and which ones can be recycled. Now is the time to get rid of those shoes that have been buried in your closet for years. You can lighten your moving day load and help a local charity, too.

Clean and Dry Shoes

A month before you move, check the condition of your shoes. Shoes that need new soles can be dropped off at a shoe repair shop. Wash dirty sneakers in mild soap and water and let them dry thoroughly to prevent mold. Before packing your shoes, you can put unused tea bags in each shoe to prevent odor.

Set Aside Essential Shoes

Pack shoes that you most frequently use in a separate box or bag so that you can access them the first week in your new home. You’ll want to have that pair of easy slip-ons handy, as well as a pair that you can wear to work. Include a pair of dressier shoes with your essentials, in case you decide to go out for an evening.

Stuff Shoes With Socks

Stuff your shoes with pairs of socks to prevent shoes from flattening. Stuff one pair in the toe of each shoe and another pair in the heel. If you’ve already packed your socks, you can use clean packing paper. Never pack shoes in newspaper or colored tissue paper, which can leave stains.

Pack Nicest Shoes Separately

Your favorite loafers or high heeled shoes need extra protection from scuffs. Pack your nicer pairs of shoes individually, each pair in its own box. Use the original shoe boxes or plastic shoe boxes. Stuff packing paper in the box to hold the shoes in place.

Add Bubble Wrap for Long Distance Moves

If you are shipping your shoes long distance, add two layers of bubble wrap to each box. Secure the box with tape or a rubber band to make sure it stays closed.

Place Heavier Shoes on the Bottom

For multiple pairs of shoes such as sneakers and boots, place the shoes in a large moving box. Tie the laces of each pair together. Always place boots and other heavy shoes at the bottom to avoid crushing the lighter shoes such as sandals. Stuff packing paper into the empty spaces to keep shoes from flopping around in the box.

Store Seasonal Shoes Separately

Organize your shoes by storing seasonal shoes separately. If moving day is in the summer, pack your winter boots in a separate box or tote and label clearly. In your new home, you can store the container of off-season shoes until you need them.

Now that you’ve read these moving tips, you can organize and pack your shoes like a pro!