If New York State Were A Country


Secession is typically a southern thing, but with last year's #Brexit and the presidential election, secessionist stirrings have even caught on with some New Yorkers. Though it may not have the popularity of independence movements in Texas and California (which may even appear on a ballot referendum in 2019) or a hashtag as catchy as #Texit and #Calexit, searching Twitter for #NYexit returns a surprising number of results.

The idea of New York leaving the United States is of course absurd, but some of the facts that proponents of a New York Nation use to support their arguments are quite astonishing. As it turns out, New York would be an impressive country, with the 11th largest economy in the world (displacing South Korea) and the 59th-largest population. Eager to discover how New York would rank against the other nations of the world on a variety of metrics, we at SpareFoot put together an infographic comparing the nation of New York to the rest of the world.

Please note that SpareFoot is not endorsing any kind of secessionist movement, and even though it may appear that we're pouring fuel onto the fire, we're strictly pro-Union, in the Civil War era sense. This exercise is purely meant for fun, and to help our readers get a better understanding of New York's place in the world.

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