If Texas Were A Country


It doesn't take much to get some Texans talking about secession, but last year's Brexit vote pushed the topic back into national headlines, giving some secessionists new hope for independence and a handy new hashtag: #Texit. While it's doubtful that the Texas independence movement will get anywhere -- such movements have been cropping up ever since the Republic of Texas, for nearly nine years its own sovereign nation, joined the United States in 1846 -- many of the facts and figures trotted out in support of Texas being its own country are fascinating fuel for Texas pride.

Did you know, for instance, that Texas is the world's 10th-largest economy, surpassing Canada, or that it would be the 39th-largest country by area, about the same size as Myanmar? Intrigued by these rankings, we at SpareFoot decided to rank Texas against the nations of the world on a handful of other metrics, including population, income, and obesity rate.

Please note that SpareFoot by no means endorses Texas secession, and even though our infographic may appear to be adding fuel to the fire, we see this as a purely fun and educational exercise meant to give context into Texas' place in the world and to stoke some old fashioned Texas pride.

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