If Virginia Were A Country

If Virginia Became A Country, How Would it Compare to Other Nations?

The Old Dominion. Mother of Presidents. The Cavalier State.

Whatever you call it, Virginia is arguably the most historic state in the union. Home to the first (successful) British colony in the Americas, birthplace of eight presidents, and location of crucial battles from the American Revolution to the Civil War, Virginia and its people has had a major influence on the formation and character of the United States.

But what if it wasn't?

In the age of "Brexit", we thought it would be an interesting hypothetical scenario to imagine Virginia as an independent country. How would it compare to other nations around the world? We crunched the numbers and ranked Virginia on a wide range of criteria like GDP, population, and land area to see how the commonwealth compares to other countries. You might be surprised how Old Virginny holds up.

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