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Ranked as the third largest state in land mass at over 163,000 square miles and having eight of the country's 50 most populous cities, California, is an expansive and diverse state with a wide range of weather - from dry desert heat and crisp mountain air to humid beach communities and Mediterranean climate. And, the way the state is laid out, it's possible to be at the beach in the morning and ski by the afternoon.

Within the state are also a wide array of geographies, economies, and opportunities - from a large number of military bases, some of the nation's best universities, and a rich heritage based on the entrepreneurial spirit of the state's original settlers and Gold Rush pioneers - not to mention some pretty amazing weather. All these incredible benefits draw many people to California from other states and areas of the world.

Self Storage Amenities Available in California

With such a diverse population, there are various reasons to need self storage in California. While some use California storage facilities to temporarily hold their belongings until they buy a house or rent an apartment, others use the units for long-term classic car, RV, and boat storage; extra square footage for their home or office needs; or as a base for selling furniture and household goods from an Internet business.

Sparefoot's directory of California storage units lists some of the many desired amenities that are important to have in this state. These amenities include centralized multi-story urban locations with 24-hour access, gated and armed units, roll-up and drive-up access, and, most importantly, climate control for extreme temperature conditions as well as protection from pests, smog, dust and other pollutants. Sparefoot also provides information on mini units and oversize storage locations, including those that offer moving services and supplies.

California Storage Facilities have a wide and diverse area, so it is important to have a directory that can provide quick access to information on California self storage in your location. That's why Sparefoot's zip code finder can help you narrow your search so you spend less time on research and more on your move. Here are some examples of how easy it is to find self storage in California:

  • San Diego: Known for its beaches and round the year sunny and moderate weather, San Diego is a haven for students, families, and military personnel. The city offers everything that makes California such a great place to live, including urban, waterfront, and country living.

    Search for California self storage in the San Diego area using zip codes 92124, 92037, 91910, 92113, and 92130.
  • San Francisco: As a central location for Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area is comprised of college towns, the tech corridor, wine country, and bedroom communities - not to mention big city living.

    Search for California storage units in the Bay Area using zip codes 94101, 94129, 94188, 94163, and 94152.
  • Los Angeles: The Los Angeles area is comprised of a downtown as well as surrounding areas like the Westside (Beverly Hills and Westwood), the East Side (with diverse ethnic communities), the South Bay beach communities, the San Fernando Valley, and east to Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valleys.

    Search for Los Angeles-area self storage in California using zip codes 93551, 91306, 90004, 90071, 91331, and 90049.
  • Desert Communities: The southeastern part of California holds numerous widespread desert communities, such as Death Valley, Palm Springs, Barstow, and Indio for those who like the dry heat and sparse landscape.

    Search for California storage facilities located in the desert communities using zip codes 92263, 92292, 92310, 92328, and 92201.

Eureka! Sparefoot provides all the specifics for the California storage facilities that fit your needs in these communities and many more throughout the state from the Mexican border to the state line with Oregon. Start your research here!

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