Visualizing the Population of South Carolina:

How much space you'd need to store every South Carolinian

There are times -- perhaps when you're stuck in Columbia rush hour traffic -- where it can feel like the whole population of South Carolina is right in the same place as you are, all 4.8 million South Carolinians. Well, what if they were? What would that look like? If you got every South Carolinian in the same place, how much space would they take up?

It's a trickier question than it sounds, and we wanted to answer this ridiculous question with some degree of accuracy. So we needed to figure in size differences between men, women, and children. And then, what do we do about all those 'plus sized' South Carolinians? 32.1% if the state is obese, after all.

We love challenging questions like this, so we pulled down demographic data on age, gender, and obesity in South Carolina to get a more accurate answer to our ridiculous question. Then, we mapped out how much of Charleston everyone would take up, and calculated how many Empire Sate Buildings South Carolinians would fill. And finally, because we're SpareFoot, we also figured out how many South Carolina storage units you'd need to store every South Carolinian. Check out our infographic below:

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