If Florida Were A Country


Following the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union, or '#Brexit', independence movements around the world have taken off with their own hashtags. Here in the US such movements have been most vocal in our two largest states, California and Texas, where #Calexit and #Texit have caught fire on social media and, in California's case, have become so significant they may actually lead to a ballot initiative in the next election.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, calls soon emerged for Florida's independence, or #Flexit. Interestingly, #Flexit had support both from Floridians wishing for independence and from other Americans hoping to give Florida the boot. While it may be the catchiest of the 'exit' hashtags, #Flexit hasn't taken on near the momentum that some of the others have.

Still, the idea of Floridian independence is intriguing, so we had to ask the question: if Florida did declare its independence from the United States and become its own country, what would it be like? How would the 'Sunshine Nation' compare to the other nations of the world? Read on to find out.

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